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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

" I'm that Monster." Mino said. All surprised looks turned to the little monster.
I held my breath, 'How fearless! I don't dare do that. She must be mad.'

Thomsons' eyes grew wide; Hr. Thomson shouted at my mom angrily, 'Huh? Do you know what she's talking about?'

My mom nearly passed out; she looked me in the eye.
She truly knew nothing about Mino Detective , her smartness, and money. I'd only said that we had to go to the airport to welcome our investor.

I looked down at the shiny floor, 'I'm sorry, but she told the truth.'
My mom, 'You should not have brought her here!'

Mino glanced at the Rocky sign to dare herself, 'I'm so embarrassed to share this news with you, but --- I'm the same Monster you're looking for it, the same Monster who took those photos."

The reporters let Thomsons go, and circled around Mino.

Sabine's eyebrows arched up; Renate's face got redder than tomato, and Julius's lips set in serious line, he took a step forward, but Renate kept him.
Julius, 'Let's get her.'
Renate, 'Be calm, Julius. Her giant brother is over here, you can't beat him.'

A reporter asked Mino, 'What did you take the photos for?'

Mino, 'I have a tablet , and I love photography. And this summer we were in Germany, there I snapped a lot of beautiful pictures just for fun--- later Martin became famous, and I dreamed of being a millionaire so that I sold them,' she burst into tears, 'And now I regret to make this foolish mistake, I'm sorry, I'm bad, very bad,'

Oh, poor little girl
Every one felt sorry for her.
While tears flowed freely from her beautiful brown eyes, she asked, 'Any question?'

Without waiting for reply, she said, 'I dedicated all the money to the Feech company, and Martin forgave me. Now I hope Sabine forgives me too. And about this sign, I guess you have some curiosity about Rocky, he's my brother, and a great bodybuilding star.'

A wry smile appeared on her face, and began wiping her tears.

My mom was ashamed of what Mino had done, she apologized to Sabine's parents, and added, 'Mino didn't mean that. she is a playful and troublesome child but really adorable. Sometimes children go wrong, well, we should ignore their mistakes.'

Frau Thomson admitted, 'Sie haben recht.'

My mom checked her watch, 'well,We're late, we should go right away,'
Sabine asked her father whether they wanted to the Feech Company, and her daddy responded, 'No, later we'll meet Martin, now we're going to the hotel.'

I couldn't help laughing, 'But later Martin won't be in the city.'
Renate, 'Why?'

I, 'Because we're going our winter home with him.'
Sabine, 'Winter home!?'

-, 'yes, we migrate just like birds.'
My mom, 'Would you like to come with us? our house is enough large for we all.'

Sabine, 'Yes, can we really come?'
I, 'Yeah, we have many guests , and you know them.'

Sabine would like to come with us, but his father disagreed.


​Happy Hours​



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