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Saturday, August 2, 2014

If not now, then when?

Image from Pixabay, cc
June- fifteenth- Sunday

A Deadly Waiting
8 A.M.

He leaves home, stands for a moment, and looks at the sky curiously : shining the golden sun brightly, and the white clouds move in the sky calmly, the weather looks nice for golfing, he smiles.

Going towards the car, he sees a strange thing; few words blink on the windshield: " Child safety At 2."
" Who has written this? what does it mean?" , he says , frowning, and opens the car door.
After putting his golf bag into the car, and removing the note with a tissue, he leans against the car door with a bunch of fresh flowers, cheerfully.

The playful breeze touches his hair softly. Staring at the written on the flowers , " I U", he murmurs:

He repeats the fragment of poem for more than twenty times, and then glances at his watch , It's already 8:30, but Gloria has not found yet.

A cute kitten goes under the car, Sergey thinks of meaning the note deeply, but he doesn't have any ideas about it."

An hour passes , now he's completely worried about his friend, so he's going to call Gloria, that a message comes from her. She's written ," Where are you, Sergey? Glass and I (alike statue) have been standing in the middle of the golf course for an hour. 100 people passed me, and admired my beauty , but you didn't come. "

Sergey burns with angry, throws the flowers away, jumps into the car , and drives away.

A clue for you
10 A.M.
She's standing in the teeing ground, the sunlight shines in her hair, and happiness in her eyes. Today, she looks prettier than always in Glass and her new sleeves blouse. Sergey glances at the blouse, and asks with surprise, " Child Safety?'

A bright smile emerges , the girl says, " Is my blouse beautiful? it's a gift from Parmis. She also gave a chocolate cake for you. She's really friendly , isn't she?"

Sergey nods, and thinks ," Than that note was a clue from Parmis."
Gloria brings the club up, the words swing on Sergey's mind : " Parmis, child, clue,  chat, safety, Gmail, safety, chat, clue, child, Parmis ". She swings the golf ball, he shouts out , " OK Glass, I solved the puzzle : Gmail, it's child safety, so I should check it at 2 o'clock. "

The small ball flies in the air, and takes off on the grass, she jumps about with excitement, " Excellent! you have brains. "
He glows, and says, " Thanks, and you're a good golfer as well."
Gloria blinks, " Everyone is a good golfer with Glass."
All friends laugh, and admire her.
Sergey feels envious , and says to himself, " Next weekend we will play without Glass, "  then tells, " That's right, Glass improves our golf game."

Gloria stands with a putter in the Green, takes a deep breath, and hits the golf ball softly, the ball rolls along the ground smoothy , all eyes focus on it, finally it falls into the cup, the flagstick waves happily, Sergey shouts out," splendid!"
The crowd cheer Gloria , she smiles and touches the Glass with love .

Sergey helps her with her golf bag, Gloria looks at him respectively, and says, " Let's have lunch together, I have some Olivier Salad, and you some chocolate cake, too."
 A sparkle appears in Sergey's eyes, " That sounds delicious! where are we going for lunch."
The girl shrugs shoulders , and says, " I don't know, maybe a park or maybe woods."
The boy smiles, " Oh, I see. Let's go to Golden Gate Park"
Gloria, " Fabulous!"

An Expert Offender
1 P.M.

The air is filled with giggles. The pretty butterflies swirl around cheerfully, For moments they're watching the noisy children whom playing at the playground.

After that ,They sit facing each other on the lawn, Gloria puts a newspaper on the ground, Sergey asks , " Why newspaper?"

Placing two Oliver sandwiches , two cans of soda, and the chocolate cake upon it, she replies, " Take it easy, Sergey!"

Several sparrows fly over their food, Sergey starts biting his sandwich, and Gloria is watching him eagerly.

When he eats up his own sandwich, the sparrows climbs down, and eats the small pieces of bread, Gloria asks, " How was it?"

While Sergey cleans his lips with a tissue, he answers , " Terrific, Your hand-cooked is the best , of course after my mom's hand-cooked. "
Gloria's cheeks get red, she passes Sergey her sandwich, and says," Then Eat my sandwich, I like chocolate cake more."

It's already 2 o'clock, he's eating Gloria's sandwich, and checks his Gmail, he has one email from Parmis :

" Hello, World!
Eighty, Eighty, Eighty
Pretty cool! Isn't it?
Can make intelligent guess?"

He thinks , " It's pretty easy: World , Eighty= Google translate, it has 80 different languages."
Gloria is playing with hair, says calmly, " I guess the next clue is inside a dictionary."
Sergey, " Me too, but I don't have any dictionaries with myself. So it must be at home."

They take the car from the Parking lot, and Sergey rides to Gloria's apartment.

" OK Glass, Listen to...." their song refreshes the moments and dreams, they walk on the clouds, while the playful breeze touches their hair.

 Suddenly a Police car at behind their car, starts alarming, the police officer shouts, " Stop, Uncle Sergey!"

Sergey turns pale, and cries, " He calls me??!!"
Gloria sighs , " oh, the police knows your name, so you're an expert offender."
Sergey pulls over, the officer comes up to him, looks at his eyes for two minutes sadly, then puts his hand into his uniform pocket , brings out a small dictionary , gives it to Sergey.

" Wow! A lovely couple! I can tell, " I love you in 80 different languages." he says, and then starts laughing.

Sergey takes a deep breath, smiles at Police Officer , and drives again.
Gloria opens the dictionary , Parmis has left a note behind the book," Set up your page to show you the stories."

Sergey says, smiling, " Parmis is crazy, isn't she?"
Gloria laughs, " No, she's so energetic and creative. I like her."
Sergey says, " but this one is a little difficult, your page? Google plus, blogger or maybe Google sites, which one?

Gloria glances at the newspaper, and smiles.
Sergey stops in front of her apartment, she gets out , and leaves the paper on the seat.
" I had an unforgettable day, thanks. Please keep this newspaper as a souvenir."

The girl goes away, The boy picks the newspaper up, " Oh , yes, Google News, I had forgotten it,"
He seeks the paper carefully, and at last he finds the final clue, Parmis has written , " Ice cream is a Powerful keyword for a child "
Sergey says to himself,"The kid , you are really crazy."

Five Years Experiences ​
2 P.M.

The End. The mom starts clapping, " Smashing! You're a great director." Tina is  hugging her warmly, then looks at the father's face, he's sitting on the sofa, and stares at the screen. Tina can not see his expression in the dark room, so rushes towards the switch to turn on the electric lamp.

The dad's cheeks  glow, but he looks very calm. Tina asks , " Did you like my video?"

The daddy stares at the snacks on the floor, a bitter smile appears on his lips, and says, " Thanks , I really got surprised. Do you have any copies of this? "
Tina comes up to him, kisses hes cheek softly, and says , " Just one copy. Daddy, I'm glad that you like my video . Can I upload it on YouTube?"

The father says, " Maybe, but at first I should see the copy."
Tina nods, and gives her iPhone to the daddy.
At one second, The video is vanished, the father rubs his hands together with excitement , and laughs.
Tina is standing with her mouth open in shock, her face turns white , the mom shouts out with surprise, " Gee, What happened? "

The silence fills the room for a short time, finally Tina's cry breaks the deadly silence .
Tearful Tina jumps in mom's embrace, and says crying, " He deleted my cool video. He doesn't like me."
The mom touches her hair, looks at the man angrily , and shouts in loud noise,"  How could you do it? It was so funny, you destroyed my kid dreams."

The man smirks, " A funny video? How do people think about me? Is he a clown? A poor, defeated, alone man. This is my real face. I didn't see any yachts, private jets or Maserati in the video, I got disappointed with Tina."

Tearful Tina," I wanted--- I wanted to make a viral video, a Killer YouTube. people like funny videos. I worked on it for 5 years, and you wasted 5 years experience, 5 years passion, 5 years attempt, you killed my feelings. Never an enemy do what you do. I'm sorry for you, for myself , for culture. You don't respect experts."

The daddy's eyes fill in tears, covers his face with his hands, and cry loudly, " Sorry, darling. I want your goodness. Someday you will be a politician , so you should take care of your behavior. Forgive your dad, he just has big dreams for you. Your mother and You are all my life. I'm sorry deeply,..... He cleans tears with his hand , and continues, " at that time I was angry, and made that terrible mistake, but now I regret."

Tina embraces him , and says." oh, Daddy, I love you, but you forget politic, I want to be a great director alike Steven Spielberg. " 
The dad," Is he rich?"
smiley Tina, " Yes, he's a billionaire,"
Tina's dad grins, " OK, Keep on your attempt."

The life gets sweet for moments until the dad's iPhone rings,
and he answers: his friend, Michael is on the phone:
Michael, " Hi, ha ha..., what a cool video! ha ha, Tina is talented, ha ha...., I watched it for more than twenty times, ha ha...

For a bit moment, Tina looks at the parents with her mouth open , and wide-eyed, then she runs away.The dad and the mom stares at each other silently , while The snacks giggle on the floor. The End


3 P.M.

Uncle Sergey is pale, and looks down. Parmis is licking the ice cream with coolness, she says, " Don't fear, Uncle! Just Tell , OK Glass, Go higher. That's really exciting."
Uncle Sergey smiles, and thinks , " Finally she will kill me. "
Parmis screams, " Cool! I'd like to ride a roller coaster everyday. I should talk to Uncle Larry about it,we need one of them in Google."
The uncle closes his eyes, sighs, and says to himself, " Gee, she imagines Google is a theme Park."

They walk towards the car hand in hand, the little girl is skipping gladly, and the uncle is happy to walk on the ground again.
 While Parmis sits on the seat , asks, " Uncle, can you help me?"

The uncle looks at her childlike face, and replies, " Help? I'm a lifebelt ? whenever you speak to me, you ask this question,"
Parmis, " No, you aren't a lifebelt, rather a big island. You are a haven of broken ships."
He says, smiling," Smart! what's your problem?"
Parmis, " How can I establ a company?"
Uncle Sergey is surprised, " what? establ? what do you want to do ?"
Parmis, " Establ a company alike Martin, he's built a company."
Uncle Sergey laughs , "  Establish , but  you are too young to build a company now."
Parmis frowns," You haven't heard this expression :" If not you, then who? If not now, then when?" "
He laughs, " But you work in Google. Do you want to break the agreement between Uncle Larry and yourself? Does Larry know about this?"

Parmis, " Not yet, I couldn't tell him. If Uncle Larry will be aware of this, he might commit suicide."
He laughs, and thinks , " This girl is so laughable, Larry will drown himself in ocean , if he hears Parmis's words."

Parmis continues, " But I have to leave Google. Little Martin has a company, and I want one, too."

Uncle Sergey giggles , " oh, I see. Our little Parmis envies her friend."
Parmis shouts out," No, I'm not envious. Martin shows off his app to me, and I dislike it. Before he did whatever I told him, but now he orders me. He wonders he's very initiative; I want to prove that I Am, too."

Uncle Sergey, " Parmis, You are. you should not compare yourself with others. Everyone has a special ability. Martin is a good programmer, and you a good painter, marketer, and manager. You have a sweet expression, and can attract hearts. You both make a great team together."

Parmis, " Teamwork? I don't work with him. "

Uncle Sergey," Have you heard this quote, " Alone we can do so little , together we can do so much" ?"
Parmis shrugs shoulders , " Nope!"

Uncle Sergey," How about Google story? Have I told you its story?"
Parmis, " More than 100 times! "
Uncle Sergey, " So you know the Secret of our success ; Google wasn't , if Uncle Larry, Uncle Eric and I didn't work on it collectively. Now is the time for team working. See Silicon Valley , a good team grantees start-up success. "

Parmis thinks for a few moments, then says, " I get main idea; Martin has a good product, but it isn't enough, it needs a market and an expert marketer alike me. Now I have two jobs: an eraser and a partner."
They laugh.
Uncle Sergey stops in front of the Armis's house. Parmis jumps out of the car fast, and stands waiting for her uncle , but the uncle doesn't get out, he feels sick, and needs a little rest, so returns home.


Sky-High Hells & A killer​
7 P.M.

Mino is standing next to the door, Carefree Parmis passes her , and thinks , " Is this ladder related to Armis's family or Mino's ?
Mino catches her from behind , glances at her contemptuously, and says, " Hey, Parmis! I wish you respected her friends; couldn't you wear a respectable dress? "
Parmis's sight shifts from her own T-shirt and jeans to Mino's pink silk dress and 5-inch heels, and says," I'm comfortable and confident in my dress, but how about you, little girl? Can you walk in your high heels?"
Mino replies, grinning, " Of course, Miss Parmis. Just like a catwalk model!"
Parmis makes a face at her , and runs away.

The party begins.
Three little girls go on the stage, Armis picks the microphone up, and says ," In honor of my daddy, after that she bows."
The guests cheer her , and she starts singing , Mino and Parmis dance , too.

All eyes focus on the children; Uncle GD is watching the dancers eagerly , and thinks about a new Google doodle. Armis's parents are  proud of their girl, Parmis's mom stares at the high heels with concern, Mino's daddy compares his polyester tie with the pink silk dress sadly, Uncle Larry says to himself, " oh, guy, I can invite them for my new clip.", Mino's mom murmurs angrily, " what's my dad worth??? kid, you cheat me?"
Armis has a beautiful voice, and sings very well, but it's difficult for Mino to dance in high heels , and the guest are watching her grinning.

Suddenly Parmis notices Larry , he looks pale, speaking to someone on the phone, " Why? what's the matter? Sergey? oh, terrible! I'm coming soon." , he quits the party in a hurry , the crowd look at each other with surprise.

Mino tries to dance better, but her ankle sprains, she staggers,  catches Parmis's arm to keep her balance, Parmis grabs the tablecloth for keeping balance as well, but it isn't helpful, a few seconds later, two girls drop from the stage down , the balloons burst, the sodas spill on the floor. Armis gazes at her parents with embarrassment, but they're laughing, she wants to escape , runs with the microphone , but she slips on the wet floor, falls down , and the microphone plunges in her mouth, Uncle GD starts giggling, Parmis picks some cake up, and throws at his face. All enjoy the Party,

But Uncle Sergey

He lies on the bed, and disappointedly , stares at the ceiling.
The nurse tells Larry, " He's lucky, if he arrived a few minutes later, maybe he died."
Larry asks with sadness," How's he now?"
The nurse," He's better already, but he should take the rest."
Larry thanks her, and smiles at Sergey ; he has dismal expression on his face, and tears in her eyes.
Sergey, " She wanted to kill me, Larry."
Larry, " Who?"
Sergey remembers Gloria's words, "Then eat my sandwich, I like chocolate cake more.", and his eyes fill with tears, he says  ," Gloria. She gave me the poisoned sandwiches, and I got poisoned. "

Larry is surprised, " Why? I thought you are friends."
Tearful Sergey, " me too."
Larry says, grinning," Are you cheat on her?"
Sergey, " No. "
Larry, " Then why should she kill you ?"
Sergey, " For Glass, She loves Glass, and if I would die, she would be Glass manager, she wanted to kill me just for Glass."
Larry laughs," cute! If she kills you, she'll be sent to jail . Sleep Sergey. You really needs the rest."

Sweet moments

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