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Friday, August 29, 2014

unspoken words


Sweet Dream

The baby crawls on the floor and  she giggles . ' See me , Julia! Tell Glass, ' Gloria says. Her mother laughs ,' Julia is too small to speak.'

Little Julia comes to Gloria quickly, she hugs the baby, and caresses her. Julia touches Glass with her littler fingers , and stares at it curiously. Gloria asks, ' Do you like Glass, Julia?'
The baby laughs and claps excitedly.

Then Gloria starts swinging Julia around, while she records video of her with Glass. Julia likes swinging , the room fills with the sound of laugh , but a few minutes later she begins screaming loudly.

Gloria's mom comes to them, and takes the baby , while she heads for the door, says angrily , ' What are you doing ,Gloria? you're killing the baby!'

She frowns, and stops recording , then she sits in the sofa to watches her video, at this moment a message comes :

'Miss Roberts
You are suspension.
Executive Glass, Mr. Brin'

she gazes at it with her open mouth for one minute or two, then she laughs, and begins jumping about excitedly, she shouts ,' Wow! That sounds nice! I bet he loves my cooking, and expects me to stay at home until I cook for him, but I'm a career girl,' .

Gloria stands at the window, thinks of her wedding celebration ; out of the window , two sparrow speak each other, she smiles , and telephones Sergey.

Sergey's cellphone turns off, she rings over and over, but he doesn't answer, then she receives the same message again, so she gets a bit worried, and wonders for a while.

She guesses Parmis knows her response, because Parmis and Sergey were going out with together this afternoon, so she calls Parmis.

Parmis is so excited, ' Aunt Glori, Run away, Run away! Uncle Sergey is very angry, he's in Glass hospital from this afternoon, because your sandwiches were poisoned. We're very lucky that he's alive. I'll talk to you later, Martin and I have an important meeting about our company, bye  '

Gloria shrieks, then cries loudly, then gets up from the sofa , and runs towards the door, jumps into her beautiful car, and drives to the hospital.

Unspoken Words

Sergey lies on the bed and watches Larry's Google Plus page, Larry's sitting beside her bed, and responds to his followers' comments patiently :

Jack : ' What time is it now, Larry?'
Larry glances at his tablet , and types, ' 11: 00 P.M'

Simon:' Happy Father's Day, Larry .'
--------: ' Thank you, Simon.'

Richard:' Which brand of laptop is the best? '
----------: ' That's quite obvious , Richard, just chromebook !'

Angela: ' I liked your pancake recipe, thank you.'
----------: ' I'm glad to hear it, Angela.'

Parmis : ' What's your favorite color?'
---------- : ' Google's colors : Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.'

Mikel : ' I hate Google, I love Yahoo.'
---------: ' We love hearing your feedback , but I see you have a Google account!'

Mino: ' May you pay my salary in this week?'
-------: ' :)'

Joel : ' I'm very angry, Larry.'
------: ' Walk in the woods, or play angry birds.'

 Sergey laughs , and asks,' Why do you respond these funny questions?'

While Larry reads the next question , he says : Responding, resolving  problems, sharing  quality contents, and consistency are secret of success my Google plus page. I'm the first one on Gplus now.'
Sergey,' Really? '
Larry : ' See it yourself.'
-------: ' Yes, you're right, you have better follower than me, why? '
-------: ' I'm charming, and responsible.'

Sergey takes his small mirror, and looks himself at him , and says, ' I'm sorry, my friend, I look more charming, of course I need a new hairstyle...

At this moment Gloria jumps into the room with a big smile and with a bunch of flowers, Larry takes his tablet ,and walks to the door, she throws the flowers to Sergey, and says, sadly,' O'my God, what happened , my Diamond?'

Sergey's face is redder than tomato, he turns away, then throws the flowers to her, and says, ' Go and leave me alone, Killer! I loved you, but you.... his eyes fills in tears , and continues , ' you wanted to kill me !'

Her lips tremble, tears spill on her cheeks, ' I didn't mean that, I didn't--

Sergey interrupts her , and shouts , " It's over. Don't tell anything else, only leave me alone right now!"

She can't believe what she hears, freezes in her place , stares at the flowers on the floor , and weeps silently for an hour, but the teardrops don't impress her beloved's stone heart .

Finally, she lifts her head, sighs , looks at Sergey's face for last time, the words burn on her lips , but she doesn't tell anything . Gloria collects unspoken words of her lips, puts them into her heart luggage, and she leaves him alone forever.

All the Best

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