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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Am In Your Side

Better Late than Never​

The glow of full moon had lit the street. Standing with a bunch of flowers in the doorway , he rang the door bell anxiously.

The girl looked him through the half-open window for a couple of moments, frowning, then she slammed the window angrily, opened the door violently, stared at him coldly.

The boy brought a big smile on his face , took a long step towards her, looked into the mermaid's eyes with love, and he murmured,' Sorry, I'm late, honey. You're in luck, because better late than never!', and gave her the flowers.

A bitter smiles emerged on her face, ' You make me laugh a lot.' she grabbed the flowers, and threw them at his face, the boy winced, but admired her,' Bold and Beauty! Well done!'

The girl's blood was up; she bit her lower lip, and shoved him back, while shouting,' Go away! It's all over, I Never want to see you again!'

The sad lover said tearfully, ' Oh, honey! Forgive me. I love you from the bottom of my heart , and I can't live without you....'

Gloria's eyes was filled in tears, picked up the TV remote , and flicked through the channels, her mum exploded, ' Hand me that remote, Glory! you make me blood boil; why don't you go out with your fiance?'

Gloria's forehead creased in frown, put the TV remote next to the pastry plate on the table, and grabbed some pastries, while putting them into her mouth, she said,' Sorry, Mummy! but you shouldn't watch this violent movie! Experts say violent movies have a bad effect on children.'
The mom's eyebrows lifted up in question,' which children?'

Gloria scanned around , her dad and brother were flopping down into the sofa, and their eyes froze on the screen , her cheeks got red with embarrassment , but she turned her attention to the flooring.

Cute Julia was chasing a beetle on the flooring, it tried to escape , but Julia's hand knocked the beetle, it was swimming around for a couple of minutes, then stopped forever, and lye on the flooring calmly.

Gloria screamed ,' See! Experts are right,' and ran away at high speed.
Others stopped dead in their tracks until Julia intended to put the dead beetle into her mouth, her daddy raced to catch the insect from the little chick's hand , at last he got successful , but the baby begun screaming for her new toy. The dad hugged her, stroked her hair kindly, and looked over the beetle closely, ' It's still alive.'

The daddy carried her chick into the backyard in his hands. They sat beside the garden, and the father released Julia's pet on the green grass . The garden was filled with Julia's laughs.

​Two Windows

After turning on the light , she opened the window, put her head out of it , and stared at the doorway. No one was standing there, no one! There was not any flowers there, any flowers! She sighed deeply , and glanced at the street, no one was there.

The glow of headlights emerged from away, a valuable car pulled into their house slowly, Gloria brought bright smile on her face,' I bet he's my diamond.'

Suddenly a bloody arm was brought out of the car window, a sandwich was thrown into their garbage can, and the car pulled away at high speed, it was lost in the night darkness . Gloria screamed , and slammed the window frighteningly.

​ She walked in the room, and measures the room length with her footsteps, sometimes she stopped to take a look at the street; maybe there was hope, maybe Sergey was standing with a bunch of flowers in the doorway, ' Fancy!', her tears spilled on the cheeks constantly, ' Oh, there's no hope. He has forgotten me.' ​

But she was wrong; in the house opposite, Sergey was watching Gloria through window in a dark and silent room. He intended to be certain if Gloria cheated on him or not?

Gloria got tired of walking , sat at the desk, opened her laptop, and started making her mind map, ticking, ticking, ticking.....

Ticking , Ticking , Ticking

The clock hands were racing, and Gloira's thoughts were swirling on the map, until reached a dilemma; it was a difficult choice between Left and Right? Gloria couldn't make up her mind;

Jangle, Jangle, Jangle : Turn Right!

R: ' Look, Gloria! I know you love Glass, but you'd better forget it, and find a new job right away; tomorrow is too late, why?

 Today you're in the spotlight, people have believed your joke: Sergey's fiancee???

But in fact your plan fell fault , and you got the boot; when people will know the truth, at that time the shoe will be on the other foot. Look!

AMT News: " Glass's Girl, The Biggest Liar! "

BMT News:" Gloria's Story: Love or Hate?"

CMT News: " Why Gloria?
               Gloria: Just For Glass!"

DMT News:" Great Threat: Glass!!!"

EMT News :" Gloria's Joke, " Be in Love by Glass!"

FMT News: " Gloria's Father: Shame On You, Gloria!" '

Gloria couldn't stand this; covering his face with her hand, she stared at the floor, her lips started trembling, and her eyes were filled with tears. 
Right way continued , grinning,' what a fool! you will miss your boyfriend, job, and of course your credit , which company will hire you? No one!
So don't lose the time, pull the phone right away, and call your friends, maybe they have a good job for you.'

Gloria nodded , and grabbed the cell phone, but just this moment Left way stole her attention:

Jingle, Jingle , Jingle:Turn Left!

L: ' Stop, Gloria! Remove that ugly way , and listen to me!

I agree with this, you went wrong, and told lies , so what? Everyone may makes a mistake ; Calm yourself down ,and play your cards right,
and in return making a bad decision in a hurry, Look ahead , and Wait for few days; Passing the time will solve any problems sometimes.
 Sergey has just turned against you, he will be back soon, because he has a pure heart, then be patient !

Gloria's eyes glistened, and her heart beats began racing: Sergey with a red rose---
 Right way burst into laughter,' Nothing doing! You shouldn't rely on it; it's misleading you'

Left way shouted,' It's quite obvious who's right, Dreams Chief! you're going to steal her dreams.'

R exploded , and the quarrel begun, the lines fought with each other until they knotted together, and made a loud noise.

Gloria got fed up with their sounds; jingle , jangle, so she swept the mind map, closed her eyes and thought ......

Gloria was still indecision , " Black or White? "
She winced , and the sound of falling a cup broke the silence, ' what's up? where am I?' she said.

she scanned her around, but she couldn't see anywhere; it was quite dark , she turned on the light , and she was amazed with what she saw; she was standing next to the coffeepot in the kitchen, and bits of a broken cup have lain about her feet on the floor.

The coffeepot asked again,' Black or White?'

Gloria put a finger to her face,' Thank you, nothing, it's too late to drink coffee.' while turning the light off , she said goodnight to it, and then came back to her room.

The laptop was still waited for her decision, she thought a bit,she brought in mind some great scientists make
their important decisions in sleep, so she should sleep; Gloria turned off the light, and slept .

Sergey said,' Sleep tight!', he yawned, and glanced at his cell phone, ' it's already 2 ! the time flies', he should went home; Gloria had slept , and he didn't have any work there, so took collected his gadgets rapidly, headed for the door.


chirp, chirp, chirp

On hearing a chirp of her cell phone, she opened her eyes, it was still dark , while lying down , she yawned; last night she didn't get a wink of sleep to make up her mind, and at last she decided , now she must look Uncle Ernest up.

 Uncle Ernest had a small field outside the city , but Gloria didn't know his address.

Gloria sat up on the bed, took her cell phone , and spoke with her uncle about her problems; she had worked for Glass earlier, but got the boot, now she was jobless, and needed his help----
.' Uncle Ernest interrupted her,' OK, I wait for you,bye.'
Gloria cried,' Wait! address? address?'
--------,' oh, write down!'
--------,' Could you please send me your address via text message?'
--------,'Nope, I guess you don't like working with your hands'
Gloria bit her lower lip, she recognized of his voice that he was angry with her , so said politely,' Sorry, I always work hard. Please, tell me your address.'

He said, sneering ,' A hardworking idleness!!! write down..."

Gloria jotted down the address quickly. while putting on her floral T-shirt , she went to the backyard, scanned around for her spade, took it, and ran into the kitchen, drank a cup of green tea in a hurry, grabbed some cookies.
Then she re-entered her room, put them into her backpack, " Come on , Gloria!

Ten minutes later, Gloria had jumped into her sport car, and drove to her uncle's farm at high speed.

Breathing, Breathing , Breathing

​The car pulled to a halt near the uncle's house gate. Birds are chirping among trees, the sun was shining in the sky,  as far the eye can reach,
the ground was covered with green grass; ' what a beautiful view!'

Gloria got off the car, smiling.
Suddenly a big setter barked at her; Gloria stopped dead in her tracks, she stared at the dog with fright, the dog came closer , and grabbed one of her bootlace, Gloria pulled back her foot, and started racing like wind, the setter was chasing her.

Uncle Ernest had sat on a
settee in front of his house, when he saw them, he was so thrilled that he got up from his seat, and begun cheering his clever dog excitedly ,' Snap her!'

The sound of Gloria's breaths echoed in the air ,and blended in her heart beats, her legs were tired, and her bootlace was loosed. Gloria looked back, the dog was close her, suddenly she stepped on her loose lace, and fell down.

The dog sat up her, and barked at her; gasping, she was paled with fear; scanned around her; a big potato was beside dog's legs; Gloria extended her hand toward the potato
with jittery, grabbed it, and then she threw the potato at uncle's head hastily.
While the potato was coming to him, he cried ,' Help!' the dog went to help him rapidly , and Gloria got rid of him, sat on the land, begun recording video from them with Glass.

Five minutes later, the uncle came to her, he scanned her from top to toe,and asked, ' what are you doing, Idle?'

While pointing to Glass, she said,' Hi, Uncle Ernest. I was recording a video with Glass.'
" Glass?", he was puzzled ,' Oh, you've said that you worked in a glasswork.' It must be interesting to make glass?'

Gloria's eyes grew huge,' glasswork? glassmaker? ' , then she let up a bitter sigh,' Oh, yes. It's so amusing! Can I start my work?'

The uncle ,' Why not!' , then he pointed to a tall willow
, the dog reclining beneath it, 'The baskets are next to that tall willow, Go for it! I take care of you from a distance!'

Gloria's eyes shifted from the dog to potatoes, and froze at the uncle's face, sneering.


​bubble, bubble, bubble

Everywhere was messy; on the table, her hair, face, clothes , hands, high chair, and even her feet, because Julia was feeding; the family - except her uncle - enjoyed watching chick's funny work.

 Julia put her hands into her food dish, and then she was smearing it cheerfully on her nose and cheeks ,the daddy burst into laughter , the grandma stroked the baby's hair, and grandpa snapped a couple of photos of cute chick.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror , Rocky admired his own muscular body for a long time, then turned his attention to Julia, looked at her with jealousy , said to his father, ' Julia, just Julia, dad's chick, Julia! See me once time', he leaned against the mirror, then he sniffed , and said,' Please , Take just one image of me, Just one! '

Father's eyebrows knotted together, shouted in a loud voice,' Don't be jealous, big man!' then continued sadly, ' The first this baby is alone, her cruel  mother has gone, she needs our attention! You and Glory will leave us soon! the second, Julia's photos get more than 1000 Like, and what about your photos? who likes a giant ? no one! people like cute babies just like Julia.'

Rocky pursed his lips. Her mother said,' on the contrary,all girls love his
muscular arms!'
The dad laughed,' All girls love Rocky? you must be kidding? which girls? I see no one around him!'

Rocky said, smirking, ' because I belong to Singles club.'
The dad burst into laughter again,' It's a good choice, guy! I think no girl lives with you.'
The mother said, sneering ,' That's enough! you always said to Gloria," No man lives with you", but my daughter will get married soon.'

The father's forehead wrinkled in frown,' because she couldn't even tie her shoelaces, I'm still confused with her engagement.'

Rocky's mouth was dropping open with surprise,' what did you say engagement? '
His father answered , grinning,' I feel sorry for you, guy! Haven't you heard what happened?'
Rocky's forehead wrinkled in question, ' what happened?'
Robert said,' Gloria is engaged to her in charge yesterday.'

The father,' I'm surprised with you, guy! Everyone knows this news expect you!  Are you really a teenager?? I seem younger than you ,Take a look at my Instagram, Facebook, G plus, Twitter, and so on;  Just yesterday I got 100000 Like for Gloria's photos. Be more active. '

His mother said angrily,' There you go again! enough you are in social! Please, Don't interfere in my son's affairs! His coach, Mr. Stonebreaker,  has said he should focus on his practices.' Rocky gazed at them in shock for a while, then called Gloria,' Gloria!'.

The mother said,' She's not at home.'  Rocky glanced at the clock angrily,' It's already 10, where is she?'

Just this moment the door was opened , and a big basket full of potatoes was put inside , then Gloria entered, gasping. To get her breath back, she sat down next to the basket, and said,' That's was too heavy!'

The family was shocked with the potatoes, Rocky took a long step toward her, and asked,' What's this?' 
Gloria brought a slow smile on her face,' Potato '
The mom bit her lower lip in anger,' That's too much for us . why didn't you ask me before shopping ? now you have to give back them!'

Robert burst into laughter,' I bet Gloria is going to make potato salad for her wedding celebrity.'
Rocky felt his cheeks turned red and hot in anger,' Do they tell the truth? do you have a fiancee?'

Gloria held her breath, and stared at potatoes for a couple of minutes ; the hearts waited for her reply anxiously; finally Gloria looked at them decidedly,' These are for my new business; I'm going to set up shop'
All them stopped dead in their tracks. Gloria continued, ' honestly, I had to draw Glass to one side , because I got the boot.'

Rocky took a deep breath. His father shouted angrily,' you must be kidding!??'
Gloria, ' No kidding!'

Julia crawled to the basket happily, Robert's eyebrows knot together in confusion,' I'm confused, what's matter!?'

Gloria felt a lump in her throat, gazed at the flooring without saying anything. Her mother hugged her,' You drive me mad, girl! yesterday you got engaged, and today you got the boot , why?'

Rocky said, smiling,' It's quite obvious, that man isn't fit for Gloria; he's made a fool of her. My sister needs a good man such as Mr. Stonebreaker . All trainees admire him.'

His father shouted angrily,' Be quite! If there is a real man all over the world, he's Sergey.' Rocky made faces.

Finally Gloria broke the silence , and said,' I told lies; Sergey isn't my fiance, this was my plan to revenge on him.'
The mom screamed,' Heavens!'

Julia dropped a potato to her gladly, Rocky smirked, The dad's eyes grew huge, he couldn't believe Gloria's words, shouted,'  Shame on you, Gloria! I trusted you, but you made a fool of me. This morning I promised to present a Glass to 20 folks of mine! uh, what should I do now?'

The mom wept,' I told your aunt we're going to Saint Petersburg

Julia's dad shook his head sadly,' Tell us your story , Gloria. we can help you.'

Gloria,' A few days ago, I made some sandwiches for lunch, and Sergey ate them, and got poisoned, he thought,' Gloria burst into tears, then continued,' he thought I wanted to kill him.'

Rocy's blood was up, 'He said you were Killer ?? I'll take his life'
Gloria got cold feet, and cried ' No, you don't need to do anything, I solve this problem . I like Glass, and Sergey. I feel he will change his mind in a few days . until that day I set up my business; my Oliver Salad tastes good, Sergey told me that's unique. so I make Oliver salad , and sell them to supermarkets; I'm a good marketer, Trust me! I will become a millionaire soon!'
Her mother laughed, '
Don't be silly, Gloria!  You can't make a healthy sandwich, you forget? you nearly would kill Sergey. It's no use, girl ! no one buys your poisoned sandwiches. I think you lose your marble.'

The father raised his voice,' you're
guilty,Glory!  I agreed with Sergey. If I were he, I complained against you. you'd better apologize him.'

Gloria's forehead creased in frown , said to herself ' I wish someone understands me.'

Rocky was filled with extreme angry, he said to his father,' Are you joking? he accused Gloria of killing, and Gloria should apologize him??' then turned his attention to Gloria,' Don't worry, Glory! I'm in your side! Unless I die that you sell sandwich ,  Tomorrow morning you are in your Glass, Trust me! I put Mr. Glass on his place, but at first we should give back these potatoes.'

Gloria's eyebrows knot together in confusion; Rocky had a short fuse, and Gloria was worried that he would make matters worse; but she don't say anything about it, only said,' It's no need, I brought potatoes from Uncle's field.'

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