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Monday, October 13, 2014

Reminder Ring

Rocky Enters

The white clouds were walking in the blue sky slowly, and the birds were chirping cheerfully among the thicket green trees lined around the building; Larry holding his cup was looking beautiful view through the window, and smiling proudly.

He could take pride in himself , because yesterday he saved Sergey's life; Gloria's family had stood in front of Google building, Gloria's giant brother was on a short fuse, and was asking for trouble.

luckily, Larry arrived on time, and half an hour later he and Eric could calm down that furious teenager ,and solved the tension quickly.

Parmis had put her tablet on the desk , and her anxious look shifted from the Hangout button to the links  intermittently, Martin wasn't Green yet!

A sparkle emerged in Mino's eyes,' Wow! How muscular arms!' Armis's eyebrows knot together in a confusion. Mino brought a wry smile on her face , and continued,' Gloria's brother arms! Did you notice to him? He was very powerful!'
Armis nodded,' Good for Gloria!'

Mino,' Last night I spoke to Arash on the phone. I told him ," You have to go a bodybuilding club." he likes football more, but just for me, he accepted to register in a fitness studio. When I will grow up, I won't worry about dismissal; if my manager fire me, my husband will knock out him.'

Armis said,' Arash is so shy that he knocks out one. Take care someone doesn't hit him.'
 Then Armis and Parmis burst into laughter; Mino felt her cheeks glowed , bit her lower lip, and responded ,' one never knows future, plus,' she looked Parmis in the eye, ' at least he's faithful not like Martin! ' Parmis's eyebrows knot together in confusion,' Martin!!??'

A wry smile shined on Mino's face,' Yeah, you can't conceal anything of us! we know Martin cheats on you, he doesn't answer your calls, and your eyes are frozen on the Hangout button!'

Armis got cold feet,' oh, another quarrel!'

Luckily, at this moment Martin came online, and Parmis started chatting :

Martin,' Hi, Parmis. How are u?'
Parmis,' hi, fine, thanx, and u?'
Martin,' I'm fed up; here is so boring, and I miss you.'
Parmis,' I could not call you , because your phone line is busy always .'
Martin bit his lower lip , looked at Sabine angrily,' Oh, you're right. My investor constantly calls, and my secretary has to answer my cell phone. what about Feech Logo?'
Parmis,' It's pretty ready, I'll send it soon :)))).'

( Renate asked,' Gee, you're chatting , Martin? We have a lot of work . Stop chatting , and stick on your tasks!')

Martin got pale, ' Oh, Parmis. I have to go right now :(   , bye , talk soon. :) '
Parmis,' you must be kidding!!  :( '
Martin,' Sorry! but handling a great company as Feech isn't easy, my friend.'
Parmis looked at him angrily,' Oh, I'm sorry to bother you, my friend. bye.'
Martin,' thanks, only Remember Feech Logo! until then :)' then he waved his hands to say goodbye.

 Green buttes turned off, but Parmis still stared at it, Mino had curiosity about knowing anything, so asked,' what's up, Parmis?'

Parmis shrugged , ' Nothing !' but in fact she was thinking about Martin's cold behavior and his finger!!
 Armis sighed deeply, and said to Mino quietly,' I feel sorry for Parmis. I guess she misses Martin.'
Mino agreed, ' Oh, poor Parmis!'

Larry sat at his desk, looked at his little associates; Mino and Armis were chatting together, and Parmis was wrapped up in removing links her tablet. The girls' friendship brought their own friendship to mind; friendship between he , Sergey and Eric. Suddenly Larry lost heart , and thought,' Sergey has not come to his office yet.'

Mino,' Arash said ," we all have gathered together in Uncle's Mahdi house to watch the world cup." '
Armis let out a deep sigh again,' I missed them.'
Parmis asked,' Are your family going to Iran today?'
Armis nodded. Mino laughed ,' Add my family to passengers' list ,too .'

Parmis,' That sounds nice! then you both come to our house; Aunt Kate's family arrived last night.'

Aunt Kate was only sister of Parmis's dad. She and her husband , Uncle Ted, lived in New York. They had an adorable girl; Lola was 4 year old. Parmis and her mom loved them.

Mino's eyes grew wide,' So your mom won't come to Germany, will she?'
Parmis smiled,' No, She will. We all are going to Germany ; the uncles, Armis, my mom, Lola's family, you and I.'
Armis's eyes glistened,'Indeed?'
Parmis,' Yeah, that's great,' then she glanced at tablet ,' oh, I  all did my share.'

My Best Friend

Uncle Larry was studying his favorite website; "in your view who will win the World Cup?
1- Brazil  2-Netherland  3-Germany 4-Argentina"

Larry's eyes dropped on coffee, and turned wet, he looked at cup sadly, yesterday wasn't my day, I offended Sergey'
Gloria's brother complained about Sergey's behavior, he said ,' Sergey should apologize for his mistakes, unless I will take his life'. The Dove, Larry, spoke to that angry bird , and tried to reconcile argument between Sergey and Rocky:

Larry,' Don't mind Sergey! he's young and lover; have you been ever in love with someone?'
Rocky shook his head,' Never.'
Larry pointed at Sergey, leaning against a big tree, and said with a bitter sigh,' so you can't understand his feeling. he needs our attention.'
Rocky asked sadly,' really? I didn't know.'

Sergey stood back, and stared at them with astonishment, he was lost for words . In the end Larry succeeded to calm Rocky, but Sergey quit there angrily; Larry was his best friend, and Sergey expected Larry took his side, but Larry didn't do it; At that moment Larry was just worried about Sergey's safety.

Larry was deep in thoughts, Parmis came to him, and said,' Can I go to Uncle GD's office, Uncle Larry?'
Uncle Larry winced,he looked at her sad eyes confusedly ,and said, ' Why not!'
Parmis exited the room rapidly. Larry asked Armis,' Why is Parmis upset?'
Mino and Armis answered together, ' She misses Martin.'

Larry a little thought about Sergey, reconciliation, Parmis and trip; a brilliant idea crossed his mind; traveling was an ideal opportunity for reconciliation with Sergey; so he straightened his shoulders, stood up with an increased confidence, and looked at the little girls with smile,' Your work is off. Go home, and getting ready for our trip.'

Armis asked,' Indeed? when are we going? '
Larry took his tablet. While he was heading for the door, said, ' Tomorrow morning, I guess. but at first I should talk to Sergey.'
Mino jumped about, Armis said,' We should say to Parmis promptly.'


​Second half​

Red Card

Renate turned up her speakers, standing up on her desk; the windows started dancing. While counting the dots carefully, she heard Martin's voice,'here is so boring, and I miss you.' she turned her attention to Martin; he was chatting with someone.

Renate shouted ,' Gee, you're chatting , Martin? We have a lot of work . Stop chatting , and stick to your tasks ,till it stakes to you!'

Martin got pale, and finished chatting ' Oh, Parmis. I have to go right now :(   , bye , talk soon. :) '

Renate stared at Martin angrily,' It's not what surprising that we don't have any progresses in our project , you're always chatting instead of work.'

Martin's forehead creased in a frown, he raised her voice up,' No one can work here', then left his seat, stood at the trembling windows, and stared at Julius that was juggling in the garden,

 Martin said to himself,' he's number one! He should go to a football school , then why does he waste time here? his dad can hire the best coach for him. This family is so mysterious.

Martin was right . Herr.Thomson took three kids to Feech company( Martin's house) every morning , and in the afternoon he came back with a bunch of flowers, and always said to Martin,' Don't worry about money, I feel like to put all my invest on the project. '

 Renate was interested in researching about mind and its diseases, and noisy places. Julius was in a world of his own, he always played football. Sabine liked silence, and every 15 minutes she spoke with his daddy on the phone.

Renate turned off the speakers, and said,' This article had 200 dots, I sent all my findings to your laptop.'
Martin asked , grinning ,' your findings about dots?'


Renate bit her lower lip, responded angrily, ' No, my findings about the human brain; dots are like cells. This article had  just 200 dots, despite our brain has about 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) , it's so interesting for me that the nerve cells don't replace by new ones, but our brain continues to grow and develop until moment of death , then while raising from her seat, she said,' I'm going to cafe shop, you stick to your tasks instead of chatting.

Sabine carrying a glass of lemonade entered the room, she's wearing a T-shirt with  a picture of "the sleeping beauty" on it, just like always. Sabine put the glass on the Martin's desk, smiling,' for Herr.Martin.'

Martin brought a bright smile on his face, ' Thanks Sabine.', then he extended his hand but before reaching to it , Renate grabbed the glass, she drank a gulp of the glass, then placed back it on the desk , and said,' thanks  Sabine.'

Martin frowned, and Sabine' staring at his finger with open mouth and wide-eyed ,' Why do you have a ring in your finger, Martin?

Renate burst into laughter,' Because he's married.'

Martin winced, his cheeks got red with embarrassment. Sabine got puzzled, and said quietly,' my daddy has a golden ring too. 'Renate asked,' do you have a girlfriend, kid?'
Martin was getting redder, and answered,' No , it's a reminder ring . sometimes I forget to call my friend, It reminds me.'
Sabine ,' which friend of yours? Paris?'
Martin nodded,' Yes, Parmis!'

Renate took her backpack, stroked Sabine's hair, and said ' Let's go to the cafe shop, then we can eat some chocolate ice creams, OK?'
Sabine shook her head, while pointing Martin's cell phone answered,'  I should respond to the cell phone.'
Renate,' Excellent. you are very responsible.' while heading for door, she said to Martin,' Sabine is half-Martin, but works double. You should be just like her .' Renate closed the door, and went.

Fair play

Now Martin could work with comfort and silence, he sat at the desk, at first he took off the ring, because he didn't like the girls made a fun of him. then he scanned apps in Google play and App store, and in the end  he downloaded the best apps related to mind and memory.

Sabine touched the sound button, and stood at the window, the cell phone turned mute.Renate got into a cab, and waved her hand to Sabine.

Martin said to himself,' I should focused on my work, and developed my app . this is exactly what Herr. Thomson expected me.'

Sabine put her hand into her pants pocket to take her chocolate, but the pocket was empty, Sabine looked at Martin mildly, 'May you buy a bar of chocolate for me?'

Martin frowned,' No, I'm rather tied up now.'
Sabine felt a lump in her throat, she gazed at the window, Renate's cab drove away, Sabine burst into tears,' you are very bad, Martin. I'm going to ring to Renate and say about'

Martin's forehead creased in a frown, thought a few second, then asked friendly,' Do you like us to change the world?'

Sabine glanced at the cell phone sadly, and nodded , ' yeah'
Martin continued, ' If we don't work how to change the world?'

Sabine stared at the street; a little girl and her mother were crossing hand in hand ; Sabine's lips trembled, her memories crossed her mind in a flash:

Sabine and her mom are going to park; They play hide and seek with together, and then have some ice creams.

Sabine is speaking with her mom on the phone, suddenly the voice of her mom doesn't come;
 Sabine: Mom, Mom! , Mom:---- silence, silence.

Sabine is standing beside Mom's bed in the hospital, she asks the daddy,' Why doesn't mom speak?'
The dad says,' She's ill, and needs the rest.'

Sabine,' she will speak again, won't she?'
Renate,' Of course. She's alive, but she is in world of her own. She's as a silent cell phone, but soon she will raise her voice, we should be patient, and pray her till her world will change.'

Sabine thinks her mom is " the sleeping beauty".

The daddy tells,' I have a special news, a boy called Martin wants to change the world, maybe he can help us'

Sabine sees her mom is standing at the end of tunnel. The watches are ticking, the birds are chirping, the ring of cell phones were trembling the walls of tunnel.

 Sabine wiped her eyes, she touched the sound button, and admitted him,' OK, Martin.Change the world, I'll wait ,may daddy buys a bar of chocolate for me.'

Martin smiled,' a good news for Sabine . your chocolate is coming . I always shop online.'
A sweet smile emerged on Sabine's face.


2014 Paintings

GD's office was overcrowded, the aroma of paint was swirling in space . GD was drawing , and Parmis was bending down on the desk next to him,and she looked at her tablet .

GD stopped drawing, and stared at her with worry; Parmis's look had frozen on the tablet about half an hour. GD asked ,' Do you like your tablet?'
Parmis lifted her head up, looked at GD and said , ' yeah. I can watch all world cup matches online with it.'

GD's eyebrows knot together in a confusion,' but you looks a little anxious?'

Parmis pointed at the Hangout button, let out a bitter sigh, ' Martin isn't in G+Hangout, I'm worry about him; he's always offline.'

GD's forehead creased in a frown,' really? maybe his internet connection has a problem. you'd better call him. '

Parmis,' I called him over and over , but his phone line is always engaged, only one time a little girl who spoke in German, and said to me ,"Here is Berlin , your have got the wrong number, " and called off  angrily.

Parmis sighed again, and continued ,' well , we have about 9 hours difference ,
, so I can just talk to him in the morning.

GD,' Don't worry. maybe he is wrapped up with his clients  .'
Parmis remembered Martin's ring, and replied sadly,' I hope so.'

Mino and Armis ran into the office, Mino's eyes glistened, she seemed so happy, " We're going to Germany, Parmis."

Parmis's eyes grew wide,' really? when?'
Armis,' A few minutes later, Uncle Larry said ,' we're flying to Germany tomorrow morning.'
Parmis screamed,' Wow! I can't believe it, my dream came true.'

Mino,' Oh, we had predicted you would be happy to hear this news, so after hearing this news we ran here fast.'

Armis agreed ,' Let's go home! we're going to prepare our luggage. '

Parmis  put her tablet into pants pocket ,' All right, I'm ready.'

GD brought a bitter smile on his face ,' Have a good trip, when world cup will be finished, I'll travel Brazil too
All eyes focused on GD in shock, Armis asked ,' why after the world cup? All people traveled Brazil before the world cup?'

GD answered , smiling , they went to Brazil to watch football , but I'll go there to sympathize with Brazilians.

Mino felt her cheeks turned red, raised her voice, ' unless you see in sleep this, Brazil never defeats'

Uncle GD said, smiling, ' I bet Germany will be champ.'

Mino brought a wiry smile on her face, ' If Germany won't a winner, you should donate me $ 100.'

GD smirked, ' All right, and if Germany will be champ, you should send 2014 paintings to Google Doodle. Are you agree?'

Mino looked Uncle GD in the eye, and said with increased confidence,' Yeah, I agreed.'

Best Wishes
Reminder Ring



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