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Monday, October 13, 2014

Look happier with Glass

How to make your friend feel better after break up?

On June 20, Google plane flew to Germany. Aunt Kate and Lola were so excited, it was the first time they were traveling by Google plane. Aunt Kate and Parmis's mom were wrapped up in a chat, and the children, Lola, Parmis , Armis & Mino were chanting in a loud voice:

" Listen to his story
   a tale for Glory

          flew with a Glass
, he fell in a Class

Teacher was Glory
his heart sang melody
What is next story ?
Listen to Glory'

Sitting alone next to the window, Uncle Sergey stared at the white clouds with sadness, Uncle Ted who's a talkative person came up to him, and sat down beside him, and talked intermittently.

Captain Larry was sitting in cockpit with confidence, and thought how to make his best friend, Sergey, feel better after break-up. Finally the plane arrived in Berlin.

We are Link-minded

Martin was shocked to see Parmis in Germany , he showed around Feech company to his guests eagerly, and then introduced them to his associates, Sabine greeted them warmly, Parmis liked her at the first sight, but Renate drove her mad.

Renate sitting in her chair was listening to music without any attention to them. Mino went toward her angrily, stood up against her, looked Renate in the eye, and while she was pointing at Rocky's photo in her tablet, she shouted, 'If you don't turn down your speakers right away, I will call my brother. Rocky is a bodybuilding star.'

Renate had cold feet, but she looked the other way, shut down the speakers, and said friendly, 'Before coming you, this office seemed like a cemetery; dark and cold, and Martin looked so upset. I imagined music brought happy to our hearts.'

Martin was astonished with what she said, but he nodded, and said, 'She's in the right, we need music, and happiness; in fact, we created this app for this reason; for a happier and prettier life.'

Berlin was a large, nice city. Uncle Sergey and the children got into Larry's car to visit the city every morning; Uncle Larry put much time to bring a small smile on Uncle Sergey's face, but he didn't succeed.

But at last day, something amazing happened, when they were visiting Berlin zoo, they saw a cute rabbit eating a sandwich in front of the rabbit cage, it smiled at Uncle Sergey, handed its sandwich to him, he was surprised at first, then he remembered Gloria and burst into laughter, Uncle Larry succeed.

During the week, Parmis and Martin talked with together a lot. Martin took Parmis by surprise with his plans for Feech. Martin said, 'At first I made this app for my parents, I wanted my mom became happier, and my dad researched without any stresses. But this app has changed my life and my sight.

My daddy was happy to have this technology, but he just 2 or 3 days used that. Do you know its reason?

He found out something amazing; when my mom was happier, quality of our life went up, we were happier, healthier and more successful. My father spent less hours at work, but he worked better; so he decided to be a family man.'

Parmis was amazed, Martin continued, and Herr. Thomson's words changed my mind, he encouraged me to develop this program; his wife, Sabine's mom, is in coma, and he thinks maybe we can cure diseases with this app or similar apps.'

Parmis was glad to hear Martin's words, she said, smiling,' Welcome to our Hangout! now you are just like us, you love helping others.' Martin laughed.

After a week, Uncles Came back home, but Parmis and her family began traveling around the Europe; they flew to Paris, and then drove to Bern, Milan, Venice and Rome; Snapped a couple of unforgettable snapshots, and next they came to Iran to visit their relatives.

We had a nice time in Iran

Uncle Mahdi's house was overcrowded; their large family, Uncle Mohsen, Hamid, Hussein, Hamed with their wife and kids, Mamani, Parmis's aunts, had gathered together there. Kiarash and Arash jumped about , when they saw the little girls.

Parmis passed the beautiful moments in Iran, she and Uncle Larry & Uncle Sergey chatted online in the morning. Uncle Sergey had come to work, but he and Gloria weren't on speaking terms with each other yet.

Uncle Larry and Mr. assistant were rather tied up by world cup, conference, and anything else. Uncle GD & his friends worked hard, they drew two or three Google doodles for world cup 2014 almost every day.

In the afternoon, she and her cousins played football with each other in the garden, and then went out , and snapped a lot of pictures with their tablets.

After that she joined their Google+Hangout , all Feech members had a discussion about the problems, and the end of meeting looked ahead.

Their large family gathered around TV
to watch the world cup matches with a little anxiety at nights, and often they argued about matches, teams, coaches, and players.

July 13

Parmis and her friends watched the world cup Final on their tablets, and just as Uncle GD prediction turned out correct. Germany won the world cup , when " Mario Götze" kicked into the goal, Mino sighed and said, ' now I have to send 2014 paintings to Uncle GD.'

July 20

The children came back to work in Google, and finally Uncle Sergey and Gloria reconciled with each other on August 21. Gloria promised to be honest and accountable, and Uncle Sergey decided to behave better, and never to throw flowers .

At the end of August the little girls took their luggage, and left Google with a lot of helpful experiences and happy memories, and returned to their island gladly to begin a new school term.

All the Best

During childhood, and particularly during adolescence, a process known as "synaptic pruning" occurs.
Although the brain continues to grow and develop, the overall number of neurons and synapses are reduced by up to 50%, removing unnecessary neuronal structures and allowing them to be replaced by more complex and efficient structures, more suited to the demands of adulthood.

Apple pips Google and Coca-Cola to claim title as most valuable brand



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