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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Quarrel Lovers

The class is calm and frozen. Their breath are held, their eyes focused on Parmis, and their hearts are expected to hear her adventure.

Suddenly the fall wind knocks at the window powerfully, it's getting stormy. Parmis clears her throat and begins:

'On a warm June morning, Armis, Mino and I took our bikes, and rode to work. The light blue sky was filled with a lot of white cotton candies. We were pedaling and chanting in sunshine, and our hair was blowing in the playful breeze gladly.


Sometimes we stopped to snap a shot of the street. Twenty minutes later, we were close to Google sign. I said,'Let's race to "Angry Codo" (=Green Android & Chocolate Doughnut -- Armis, Mino and I called it this.).'

My friends accepted, as soon as we got ready to race, we heard a loud noise from Google, so we pedaled to near Angry Codo at high speed, that Mino shouted,' Look! what muscular arms! who's he?'

Oh, It was getting foggy. Uncle Larry looked pale, because a giant boy had grabbed his collar. The young man yelled,' Today I take your life, Mr. Glass!' and Uncle Larry said,'Calm down, guy!'

Gloria and her family were standing back anxiously, she cried,'He isn't Sergey,Rocky!'

Her dad yelled,'What a fool! knock it off!'

Little Julia was clapping and cheering Mr. Rocky.

We were so excited. Mino said, laughing,'Wow!quarrel!' and I shouted,'Cheer! Are you ready for a hot interview?' The children took their tablets and said together,'Why not.' We got off the bicycles rapidly, and raced towards the men.

Armis intermittently snapped to a shot of them with her tablet, Mino began recording a video, and I stood near Uncle Larry, and scanned Mr. Rocky intently:

Rocky knit his brows and was filled with extreme anger, his face was redder than tomato , and his huge eyes stared at Uncle Larry. This guy looked about 16-17; he was tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms, and wore a black Tee shirt with the word "Stone" on and a pair of blue jeans.

He didn't released our uncle, but brave Uncle Larry had kept his voice down , and said, smiling,'You're wrong, I'm not Sergey.' Rocky said without any attention to his words,'Do you think I'm a fool?'

Armis laughed and said,'Sandwich!' I glanced at the grass, and saw a couple of sandwiches lying about on the grass.

Some minutes later, while waving her hands to Uncle Sergey, Mino shouted,'Uncle Sergey is coming, boys!'

All we turned our attention to the end of the garden. Uncle Sergey and Uncle Eric were walking and speaking slowly. Rocky took off Uncle Larry's collar, and raced to Uncle Sergey --'

The tips interrupt Parmis, Aunt Samira stands at the window and looked

out, it's quiet rainy, the children stare at the teardrops knocking at the window. Parmis's look follows them….

Best Wishes
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