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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tablet or Trouble

The autumn wind like a prince on his horse crosses through the maple trees slowly, and whispers something into their ears. The maples bow and dedicate their colorful leaves to him.

The wind blows the leaves off the maples. A little yellow leaf is hovering in the air, and Parmis's look follows it anxiously; the leaf swirls and swirls ,until it drops down beside its old friends on the schoolyard ground. No one is the yard, and Miss. Dana hasn't come yet.

'Would you mind closing the window, Parmis! I feel cold air,' Aida says.
Parmis shuts the window, frowning. She turns her attention to her friends in the classroom:

Tina is showing Armis her new iPhone 6, 'iPhone 6 is really big and thin, isn't it?'
Armis admits her with a half smile,'it's truly beautiful , but I love my new tablet; up to now I've taken more than thousand photos with it.'

Martin and Lucas are talking about Feech Company. Lucas is surprised with what he has heard. He asks,'Do you really have twenty associates?' Martin's eyes glisten,'That's right, I predict we'll hire more.'
Lucas's mouth is hanging open,'Where do they work? in your office?'
Martin laughs,'No, our associates are from all over the world, and they work online with their PC.'
Lucas's eyebrows knit together in confusion; Parmis takes a giggle, and changes her sight's angle to the board.

Sheida and Hana are standing in front of the whiteboard and painting a lot of funny shapes on.
When Carlos with a wry smile comes toward the whiteboard, wipes a few paintings, and runs away rapidly.

Hana begins screaming, and Sheida fallows him; they both run around the class, until Carlos stops for one second or two, he laughs at her, and makes faces, then he continues racing again.

Suddenly, Mahta throws Kiarash's backpack at him. It hits Carlos in the back strongly , the boy falls down on the floor, and starts crying.

The class is exploded; Kiarash and Mahta have an argument, some girls collect around Carlos and make a noise; Parmis scans the girls, and her eyes grow huge; something amazing has happened, Mino likes fighting , but she isn't among the others, where's she?

Parmis glances at her desk, and gets surprised when she sees Mino is sitting alone and quiet there.

Mino's tablet is on the desk; Mino's eyes are drifted on it, while she is counting out her fingers. Parmis says to herself,'I bet she needs some money again. Mino is just like a saving bank which swallows every changes.'

The girl is dressed in a "Disney Frozen costume" twinkles at Mino,"Just $ 39.99 . I'm fit for you."
Mino's eyebrows crease in a frown, Armis has just bought a Disney Frozen dress for Halloween, but Mino can't afford it.

Mino turns her attention to Armis scrolling the photos in her tablet, and says,'I wish her tablet will be lost.'

Before coming these tablets, life looks so sweet , and they both were the best friends.
Armis always spent her allowance for Mino; Mino was never worried about bill; whenever she hadn't enough money , Armis and her dimes arrived.

But after coming the tablet, it has become the best friend of Armis; whole the pocket money has been wasted to shop the new clothes.
Every week a new beautiful dress is sent to her house. After decorating her room with candles , flowers, lights and shadows, she has put on the dress, and snapped a couple of photos.

Then she sends her images for a few film production companies, because Armis will be an actress someday.

While Mino is thinking about Armis's new entertainment , she sees a "Ninja Turtles costume". A sparkle appears in her eyes,'Wow! a trick and treat pail! that's fabulous , I want this one.'

Although this costume is even more expensive - its sale price is $ 41.99 - Mino is decided to buy it. who can lend some money to her? She thinks a little;

'Armis??? No, she has no money now.
Parmis?? No, last week I has borrowed $ 100 from her.
Martin?? No, he's the richest boy at the school, but he always had one dollar in his pocket.
Tina??? Yes, She can lend $50 to me, but I have to give back her money soon unless I want my story to speared on YouTube.'
Mino brings a wry smile on her face, takes a deep breath, and gazes at Tina eagerly.

The class door is opened, and Aunt Samira walks in on the children. They wince, and race to their seats quickly.

Parmis stares at her aunt with open mouth, and Armis smiles proudly.

Aunt Samira raises her voice,'You think where is here? all the school heard your voice, and everyone knows your teacher hasn't come yet.You are big enough, Don't behave just like a little child!'

Tina puts her hand up, and asks,'Is Miss.Dana ill, Aunt Samira?'

Aunt Samira sighs,'Unlucky, yes'
Armis,'Gee, What happened?'
Her mom smiles at her and says,'That doesn't matter, she will return in a few days.'

Then she walks to the chair, sits on it, and continues,'Yesterday after school, Miss.Dana was driving home, that a big frog jumped in front of her face. She was frightened, and her hands were released of the steering wheel , then her car ran into the front car, and she was injured in the car crash, and now she's in hospital.'

All the children get upset,Parmis bits her lower lip, and stares at Carlos. She has seen Carlos wiggling about Miss.Dana's car previous day. Parmis guesses he had put that frog into her car. The boy's face is pale.

Aunt Samira brings a meaning smile on her face, breaks the silence, and says,'Well, Parmis. I've heard your review was won a reward, we're ready to listen to.'

Parmis's cheeks glow, she gets up from her seat, takes her tablet,smiling, and walks to the teacher.

She stands opposite the children , and tells her story....

To be continued...
All the best



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