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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Guten Morgen, December 23

"Guten Morgen, Parmis", on hearing this song from my tablet, my sweet dream was broken; having covered my head with the pillow, I searched about me to silence my tablet; a few minutes later I succeeded, the song had gone off, and I could keep dreaming.

It was the first day of my holidays, and I intended to stay in bed a while longer; last night I had a long chat with my uncles and Gloria.

Uncle Larry said that they would arrive at 6 o'clock tomorrow. How exciting was  the news, I spread it right away; Armis, Mino, Tina, and my mommy were happy too.

Next I packed my suitcase, and went to bed; I was tired out, and it was too late, around midnight.

So In this morning I wanted to sleep a little more, after silencing the tablet some minutes had gone calmly, until I felt the door opened, and someone crept inside; and next I frosted as if I had been in a fridge.

I shrieked and sat up on bed swiftly, and looked around me, I couldn't believe what I saw; my blanket, pajamas, pillow, and mattress were wet, and that naughty boy was standing in front of me pointing to his empty bucket.

I bit my lip, and felt my face turn red, Kiarash took a step back, grinning, 'Wake up, Lazy! it's snowing.'

My look shifted from his knitted hat, sweater and mittens to the window where the little snowflakes came down slowly.

I smiled, 'How beautiful!' in a flash I grabbed my pillow, and threw it at his face; he shouted, 'Crazy!'

My mom appeared in the door, 'What are you doing?'
I complained, 'Kiarash dumped a bucket of snow on me.'

The mom's forehead creased in a frown; Kiarash, running out of the room, he said, 'I only wanted to tell her that Martin was on the phone.'

I stared at the mom with wide eyes, she nodded her head, 'Yes, Martin called several times, but  you were asleep.'

I asked, 'Indeed?' and checked my messages; one from Martin, "Parmis! Come here right away!"

Oh, I had to go, so I got up. On the way to bathroom I saw my mom want to go shopping with Kiarash; she ordered me, "It's cold, Parmis. Put on you coat, when you go out, and Return Soon. We're going to leave here for our winter home at the noon!"
I nodded, 'All right!"

Five minutes later I was ready to meet my friends. A snowflake slipped on my cheek, as I closed the front door, looked up at the sky; It was still snowing slowly, and ornamenting the trees, cars, lights and buildings beautifully. "What a beautiful Christmas!"

Our car still faced the home; they had not gone yet. My mom was talking to our new neighbor wearing high heels. she looked so attractive today, Mr. Nancy placed her pretty basket in the snow.

That was too surprising! Kiarash was sitting quietly in the car, watching the snow fall.

I was waiting for my Christmas presents from Iran, so I checked the mail box; unluckily, it was too clean, I frowned , and saw the mom jumped into the car, and Mrs. Nancy passed by me.

I began waving my hands; Kiarash smiled, and didn't make any faces, "How polite!"

The car moved, Kiarash put his head out of the window, and swiftly threw a snowball to me; I jumped aside, and it hit our neighbor by mistake.

She slipped, and fell down on the snowy sidewalk, also her basket tipped, and all of the x-mas ornaments spilled out.

Poor Nancy sat up holding her painful leg, crying.

I was afraid a lot, and raced to Martin's building; Luckily, the front door was open, I crept in, and went up the steps quickly; in the second floor landing I stopped to look out window; no one was in the street, and the tire marks were fading under the snow.   

The Emergency Meeting

There was a consultative meeting; I was too late and the others who had arrived before seemed tired of waiting, I got red with embarrassment, 'I'm sorry.'

The chairman was very angry, 'Why didn't you answer my message?'

While I was pulling up a chair, I said, 'I'm sorry, I was asleep. Now tell me what's happened?'

Martin let out a bitter sigh, 'Renate is coming here.'
I, 'Renate? When?'

Martin , 'About an hour ago, I had a message from her, she had written:
"Guten Morgen, Martin
We'll arrive there at 10 A.M.
Stay At The Feech Company. You Can Never Scape from Me!

Frl. Renate. "

After reading the message, Martin turned pale. Sara was very anxious about Renate, 'I'm afraid. I've heard she's very violent."

Lucas laughed, "That sounds exciting! We're in luck, it's a special occasion to draw people's attention to our app."

Sara shouted, 'You Are crazy! Martin is sad, and our clients are dubious about our honesty, and you believe that's great!'

Billy's looked at them with surprise, but didn't remark.

Lucas, 'I'm not cruel, but am a businessman! We should use our opportunity, I'm thinking of our future."

I was thinking about Renate too, when the door opened; we had cold feet, and the silence surrounded the room; Martin closed his eyes, and kept his voice down, 'I'm sorry, Renate; Believe that I didn't know anything about the photos!" ...

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