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Monday, February 2, 2015

With A Tablet, Without A Glass

Sergey brought a sweet smile on his face, and put back the picture on the desk , and took his smartphone again, then he continued reading Parmis's Gmail:

"My friends and I had a good time at your birthday party, I hope it was the same to you.
Now you can open your envelope, Uncle Sergey.

Bye now, Chat soon,

Shining his eyes, he grabbed the envelope as a little kitten. After opening the package, he took out its contents, and placed them on the desk; a greeting card, a digital photo frame, and an usb in form a likeable hedgehog.

Sergey's fingers felt the simplicity in autumn leaves which were glued to on the card, he could guess whose work was this, Sergey started reading Parmis's childish handwriting, smiling:

"Happy Hanukkah

It's me, again :)
Do you like your gift?
That digital photo frame is from Tina, it's full of your birthday's images, I bet you will be surprised to see them. Please, put it on your desk, and be happy by viewing your valuable friends :)

A video is inside the USB; Armis , Mino and I have made it. After watching the video, Come online for a chat, Please.

Bye now, I'll come back soon,

At first Sergey played the digital photo frame, he peered into:
A bucket full of the cold coke and sandwiches was poured on his head;
He dressed in a white T-shirt standing beside the entrance of Google  impatiently;

Sergey sat legs crossed on the window edge, stared at his slippers with sorrow, Larry and Mr. Assistant were laughing;
Sergey divided the cake into 41 parts, Gloria jumped up for joy;
He embraced his parents with tears on his eyes;
Parmis was leaning the champion tire, Larry was holding up his glassy cup;
Sergey opened his presents laughing;
The pictures were changing on the frame swiftly; Tina was professional, she hadn't missed even one moment, and recorded almost everything.

Sergey smiled, 'Thank you, friends! what a wonderful present!'

Now it was time to observe the memorable work of three kids.
Sergey plugged the usb  into his laptop in order to watch the video.

The Peace-Keeping

Alone Parmis sat touching the share button on her tablet, next she lifted her head up, waved her hand to the camera, smiling, 'Good afternoon, we're here again. A few days ago, we returned from Iran, and now we work for Google again, but there isn't like before, it's really hard for me to endure the dismal weather of Glass.

Uncle Sergey and Aunt Glory aren't on speaking terms with each other yet. Armis, Mino and I have tried to make a peace between them, but we haven't still succeeded; they both love each other, everyone can see it in their eyes, but they escape each other, we didn't know that reason.

We aren't still disappointed, and keep trying. Luckily, Uncle Sergey's birthday is coming up, that's a great occasion for reconciliation, and we have a special plan.

Uncle Larry has purchased a glassy tower as the birthday present, and I--well,  I'm going to shop a pair of slippers, I've seen lot of them on Google shopping: bear, cat, hedgehog and rabbit slippers, they all are nice, and I can't make my mind which ones are better?

So I had shared an opinion poll on Google plus a few minutes ago, right before the camera appeared .
I had asked, 'Which slippers does Uncle Sergey like better?
  1. Bear Slippers
  2. Rabbit Slippers
  3. Cat Slippers
  4. Hedgehog Slippers."

All at once Mino jumped in front of the camera, made some faces, and yelled, 'Hedgehog slippers.'

Armis shouted furiously , 'Cut, Cut!'


A Talent Show

Gloria was running with Glass in Google garden, Mino approached her with her tablet.
Gloria kept running, and said:'

Last week I sat weeping in the Glass office, when Parmis appeared. She asked, 'Oh, why are you crying, Aunt?'
Then while she was handing me a tissue, added, 'You miss Uncle Sergey, don't you?'

I replied, 'Yeah, I miss him, but my cry isn't for him, rather it's for Glass.'
-- 'Why?'
"Since Mr. Babak has gone from Glass, no one pays attention to Glass, even Mr. Assistant says, 'People don't like Glass, it's not cool enough!"

Parmis got red, and shouted, "No, he is inexpert, I love Glass, along with my mother, and my friends."
I let out a bitter sigh, "Same here, Parmis. but Glass needs more fans.'

Parmis put her finger to her cheek, looked up at the ceiling for a while, and then she shouted, "Oh, I see. we should took Glass among people; I have a good idea; we will make a clip for Glass, Uncle Larry sings, and we dance, what's your view?"

That was a brilliant idea, I wept my tears hastily, kissed her, and jumped in the air, "That's terrific, Parmis. I will form a street dance group, we will take Glass among people, you're very intelligent"

Parmis's eyes grew big, and asked, 'Hip-hop dance! we should practice as of tomorrow.'

I laughed, "Don't worry about, dear Parmis. I will hold a talent show to select the best dancers ,"

Parmis frowned, and ran out of the office in tears. I got sad, but Glass needed the professional people. '

Mino said, "Thanks, Aunt Glory!"

Gloria raced faster along the pathway, Mino's camera chased her, until she blurred at the end of the garden.

Tablet Story

Larry and GD were in a driverless car, riding to the airport. Larry was supposed to attend an important conference, and the three kids had made GD make a video of Larry.

GD asked, 'What is Story of Tablet, Larry? Where is Parmis's tablet?'

Larry stared at the windshield to recall the events, "About two weeks ago, Sergey stepped into my office, and said, 'Right away Parmis said:"you look pale, Uncle Sergey", so I'm going to see my doctor.Take care of Glass. I'll back soon."
In my view, he seemed fine.

By the next day, Parmis didn't bring the tablet with her, I was astonished a lot, but I said nothing.

One weeks passed, and Parmis came to work without her tablet, I wondered she had lost it, so I said nothing.

One day I was in Sergey's office , and I saw something amazing; Parmis entered, and took Sergey's smartphone to send a message. It was right lunch-time, next she handed back the smartphone, and left the room hastily.

I was surprised ,"That's really strange, why your smartphone?"

Sergey shrugged, and said, 'I don't know, Larry. but since she took my phone, something amazing has happened for me; five minutes later her message a glass full of water appears on my desk.'

My eyes widened large, Parmis was very mysterious, she hid a subject from me.

The next day I inquired about her tablet, "Have you lost your tablet, Parmis?"
Parmis shook her head, "No, my tablet is at home, Uncle."
I didn't expect this respond, "Oh, I see; so you don't like your table anymore, do you?"

Parmis's eyes grew big, "No, I love my tablet, but my mom needs it more."

I was puzzled to hear this, "your mom?"

Parmis nodded, 'well, I went to Google play, and got a strategic game about two weeks ago , the game was very interesting, very interesting. I played it for three or four hours, after that I must have dinner, so I wanted my mom to continue the game, but she rejected, she intended to finish her story, "I'm sorry, Parmis. but I've just pulled my ideas together, if I leave them , the ideas will flee."

I kept insisting, "And If I leave my fort alone, the enemy will attack, Have a heart, Mom!",  finally she surrendered, and got my tablet.

 She's a good knight, up to now she has been protecting my fort carefully, and killing a large number of our evil enemies." 

So I should be patient , until the game will finish."

-- 'And when will the game finish?"
Parmis sighed deeply, "No one knows, Uncle Larry. The game has 100 levels, and my mom is just at 8th level."

My blood was up, "That is why she doesn't write any stories!! Don't worry, Parmis, I save your tablet right away."

I called Mr. Assistant, "Please, remove this game from Google Play."
Mr. Assistant asked, 'Which game, Larry?"
-- "Snowy Fort"

Mr. Assistant got pinked, 'Oh, I'm sorry, Larry. It's impossible, that game is the most popular game, and has a lot of gamers in all the world."
-- "UH"

Larry let out a bitter sigh, 'Those days were so terrible for me; the author was writing nothing, the smell of pizza was swirling in my office, and the ketchup was dropping from our notebook, because Parmis treated us all to pizza everyday.

She said happily, "So long as 100 levels will be completed, we can test the whole restaurants of the USA." well, we arrived the airport.'

GD, 'Have a good trip, Larry.'
--, "Thanks."

With A Tablet, Without A Glass

Parmis has stood waiting at the window, viewed out; then she turned her attention to the camera,

"Not long ago, I got into the Glass Company, Gloria was tearing out the pages from a book quickly ; after crumpling, she tossed them into a waste-basket.

I had a bit curiosity to see what book was it, so went closer, and my forehead creased in a frown, when I read its name, '101 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Fiance Happy."

It was her favorite book; while my mouth dropped open, I asked, 'Why are you angry, Aunt?"

She burst into tears, and pointed at her laptop screen, "See our Facebook page; since Sergey didn't write any posts, our fans have decreased.'

I grabbed the book, and hid it behind my back, and said, "I guess he would like to put a post as of tomorrow."

Gloria's eyes shone, 'Indeed?'
-- "yeah"

Then I downloaded the snowy fort from Google play, and gave my tablet to my mom.

The very same day, I telephoned the Uncle Sergey' doctor, "Since Uncle Sergey and Gloria didn't go out for lunch, Uncle Sergey is depressed; we must be a reconciliation between them."

Doctor, 'OK, Trust me!'

By the next day I said to Uncle Sergey, 'You seemed too tired,.."
He went to see his doctor, and came back with some tablets, he should take a tablet every noon.

Well, I wanted to remind them of the last month, and of the delicious memories, So I jumped into the Glass office at mid-days, and borrowed Uncle Sergey's smartphone.

"Gloria and Sergey " Facebook page waited for a  post, 'I put this post there:

" With A Tablet The Glass Man Sat
  Without A glass
                       ALONE & SAD "

After reading this repeated post, Gloria put a glass on Uncle Sergey's desk. She imagined he has written those posts, and Uncle Sergey also thought Gloria was worried about his health, he stayed at his office all the noons.'

A car pulled to a halt near the home, and the doorbell was rung, Parmis jumped about, 'Hooray, It must be Google Express."

Promptly, she ran out of the house, and re-entered the room with a parcel.

Her eyes shone, when she set the box on her desk, then took out a pair of Hedgehog slippers of it, came towards the camera, and shouted, "These are Uncle Sergey's birthday present, cut!"

The room was filled with the children's laughs, and Parmis got lost in the dots.

Sergey closed the video, and turned on the chat button, As usual Parmis was online.

Parmis, "Surprise, Surprise! Have you heard we bought a big villa?"
Sergey, "No, I thought you want to buy a private jet!"

--, "Maybe later; Now that we have bought a big house, we want to spend the Christmas season in the island."

--, "Oh, I see."

--, "And We will be Glad to See You All in our Island, by now."

Recalling Larry's words, he shut down his laptop, "Maybe we'll go abroad."

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