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Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweetness Memories Come & Go!

"Fragrant memories: fragrant memories come and go.
Only thoughts of you remain
In my heart where they have lain,
Perfumed thoughts of you, remain
A hidden sweetness, in my brain,
Others leave me: all things leave me: you remain. "

Genius or Monster

Alone in the playground, Martin sat on the swing reading a newspaper; Genius or Monster?? the very same moment, the swing was given a shake by the cruel wind, the newspaper slipped through his fingers, fell off on the ground, and after getting on the wind,swirled in the air, and flew away.

In bitter chill, the woolen scarf was washed in Martin's pure tears; Martin sat on the swing weeping, and weeping.

Without any attentions to the boy's tears, the cold-hearted wind twisted swiftly around the maple trees lined by the school, the paper was passed around, the bare branches shook with anger, and the wind laughter trembled the school.

For a while, the maples gazed at the little monster with their puzzled looks, then their heads bent down because of embarrassment.

Parmis ran into the playground, scanned around fast, as if she was searching for something; suddenly the swings caught her attention; a sparkle in her eye emerged and a wry smile on her face; then she raced into the playground while shouting, 'Martin, Martin!'

When Parmis approached the swings, she objected in a loud voice, 'Are you here, Martin? I looked for you wherever!' But the small boy didn't pay attention to her at all.

Parmis stood adjacent him gasping; shaking the swing chain, she said, 'Why are you sitting alone? all the children are watching Armis's movie in the classroom."

His response was only silence and silence; now Parmis was really worried about her friend, looked him further: Martin was leaning forward on the swing, his shoulders were shaking slightly, and his face was hidden in his wet hands, and through his frail fingers were dripping the shining pearls, as if he was crying.

Parmis put her hand calmly to his back, asked with sorrow, 'Are you crying, Martin?'

Martin kept crying more loudly; Parmis felt a knot in her throat, sat on the adjacent swing, and burst into tears.

I Can't Stand Hearing These Words!

Martin removed the hands from the face, and looked at Parmis with embarrassment, then told in a broken voice, 'People--- thought I'm a--- Mons--ter.'

Parmis lifted her head up quickly; while she was wiping her tears, she knocked on his Martin's shoulder with her hand, 'You must be kidding? Are you crying for this? your photos is on the magazine covers, and everyone wishes he were you--"

Martin interrupted her, 'yep,until yesterday I was a Genius, but today my name has changed, now I'm a Monster! don't you believe me, then check review of the day!'

Parmis took out her tablet , Martin continued, 'on the magazine covers were filled with images of Sabine and me; and worse than that people wondered I became a friend of Sabine to test my app on her mom, but I can swear by my nobleness it hasn't been so; Herr Thomson asked me to come out her wife from coma with my app. can you believe me?'

While Parmis's look fixed on the tablet, she nodded her head, 'yes, of course, all of us trust you, Martin.'

Martin took a deep breath, and released it with calmness.
Parmis narrowed her eyes, 'How familiar are these photos for me!'

Martin let out a bitter sigh,'They must be taken in Germany; on the same day you arrived in Berlin, and Sabine and I were in the park, someone looked after us, I guess.'

Parmis's forehead wrinkled in a frown, 'Germany?'
Martin nodded his head, 'yep.'

Parmis got red, and bit her lower lip, a thought whirled on her mind, 'Mino? No! she couldn't be so much bad! I must think more, why I imagine I've seen the photos on her tablet before.'

Never Leave Us !

Parmis thought back, and recalled this summer, as they flew to Germany; after Uncle Larry's plane landed on the runway, and they inhabited in a beautiful hotel, Parmis asked her uncle, 'Let's go to the Feech Company, I miss Martin.'
Parmis's mom said, 'Tomorrow! Now Uncle Larry is tired up.'

But lovely Uncle Larry said, 'No problem! come on, get into the car!'

Soon sorrowful Uncle Sergey and three kids sat into the car, and Uncle Larry headed for Martin's home. All the way Mino spoke about Rocky with excitement; Uncle Sergey propped his head against the car window enjoying the view with his Google Glass; and Uncle Larry's look was on the road.

Not more than ten minutes later, they got to the destination. The auto drew up near the house, at first the kids jumped out, and then the men; all of them were so cheerful that nobody noticed Mino running along the sidewalk hastily.

Uncle Larry stood in the doorway, pushed the doorbell; some minutes went, but there wasn't any answers, as if no one was at home.

Uncle Larry shook his head, 'They aren't at home; let's get back to the hotel, tomorrow morning we return again, are you agree?.'

Armis, 'Maybe they'll back home soon, would you mind waiting a little more?.'
Parmis bent her head, narrowed her eyes ,while her forefinger and thumb were getting near together, she begged, 'only a little , only a bit."

Uncle Larry shrugged, 'All right, we wait for a while.'
Uncle Sergey asked, 'Why don't you call him?'
Parmis, 'because his cellphone is always silent or engaged!'
Uncle Sergey, 'OH!'

Ten minutes had gone, but no one passed by the house, even a cat; Uncle Larry glanced at his watch, Armis rushed for the car, Parmis followed her in despair, 'We'll come back tomorrow morning,'

Uncle Sergey approached to the car, but Uncle Larry was still standing in his place, and staring at the children with open mouth, 'Where is Mino?'
The little girls asked, 'Mino?' they glanced around, then they were rooted to the spot; Armis shrieked, 'Mino got lost!'

 Uncle Sergey was surprised, 'How?'
 Uncle Larry , 'Are you sure Mino came with us?'

Parmis nodded, Uncle Sergey, 'Of course, I had a bad headache because she talked, and talked all the way.'
Armis began crying, 'Her mom, Aunt Lili will Kill us!'
Parmis hugged her, and cried together.

Uncle Larry, 'Call up her, Parmis.'

 Parmis nodded , but she stopped by a sound of a song coming from Armis's pocket, Armis pulled out her tablet, it was a message from Mino:
 'Hey, Kids
Guess what happened? I'm chasing a hot review;
Don't worry I'll return in twenty minutes,'

Armis phoned Mino over and over again, but Not answer.
So they stood waiting in front of the auto impatiently, Uncle Larry looked very nervous , 'I'm responsible for her, I can't stand here, she may be lost,' he decided to go...

But right at the moment, Martin and Sabine appeared at the end of the street, not longer later Mino arrived with a teddy bear in her hand, she was waving the teddy to them, 'hey kids, hey kids, I'll back again.'

Uncle Larry stared at her with anger;Uncle Sergey turned his head away to hide his smile, Armis was waving her hands to her; Parmis couldn't help laughing, she pursed her lips together.

Uncle Larry raised his voice, 'Where were you, Mino? Do you know how much we were afraid?'

Mino's smile vanished, and her cheeks got pink.

Uncle Larry, "You didn't know this city, what happened if you got lost ? did you think about? you made a great mistake, are you agree?"

Mino looked down at the ground, while playing with her fingers, said in a low voice, 'yes, I'm sorry, Uncle Larry. Please, ignore my mistake this time. when I saw Martin going down the street with a little girl, I was so excited that I forgot you.

I ran fast after them. When they turned into a park, I sent a message to Armis, I liked to approach them, but I didn't want to bother them, so I stood and watched them.'
Then she stretched out the teddy bear towards Sabine, 'you left this on the slide,'
Sabine thanked with a cheery smile.

Martin looked forward to showing his company, he opened the door, stood aside to let them come in, 'Welcome to our Company!'

In the evening, Mino told the rest of the story, 'First Martin and Sabine went into a supermarket, I hid behind a big tree, and took some photos of them, next they came out with some chocolates, and entered the park, I followed them,

On the warm summer day, the park was too crowded, the children were running wild around, as their parents talking with each other, Sabine wanted to swing, but none of the swings were empty, they stood waiting for a swing, finally one was vacant.

Sabine sat on happily, a woman came to them with her little boy; Sabine ordered Martin to push; Martin obeyed.

During Sabine enjoyed flying in the sky, the mother and her son looked so tired of waiting. but Sabine shouted, 'Up to the clouds, Martin.'

No sooner had sat she on the swing than was asked to rise by that impatient mom, but Sabine rejected, the little boy stopped the swing, Sabine rose from her seat angrily, and easily started the fight over the swing, the mom seemed so furious, and Martin was puzzled, and I snapped a couple of pictures, finally by using his app, Martin changed the feelings, and reconciled between two parties.

'Higher, Higher,'

After missing the swing, Sabine jumped on the seesaw, Martin sat on the other side, and they went up and down in the air for a while.

Next they tried the flip-flop. Now Martin was too tired, but Sabine climbed up the slide steps gladly, and gave a slide her teddy bear, Martin shouted, 'We should get back to change the world, Sabine.'

Sabine went down the steps, and rushed towards him, Martin caught her hand, and exited the park, I took the teddy bear, and walked after them.'

Parmis stopped thinking back, and said softly, 'Everyone knows you are a nice boy, Martin; so someone never believe sayings of a gossip magazine, it's too cold to go out, let's go in.'

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