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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Make Hand Column Candles ( Free eBook)

Selected Tips

Making Column Candles

Candles in the current scenario are used for several purposes like decoration & gifts. They are always an indispensable part of the festivities and usual home decor. Candle making is a great pastime for special moments as well, for instance parents making candles together with their children, or gifting the same to your family & friends on special occasions. These are also an excellent craft to sell.

Column candles add elegance to our homes, act as a gracious center piece for the dinner tables, add vibrancy at the wedding receptions, and appeal one & all with varied colors and scents.

The supplies for making your own column candles can easily be found at the online stores or the near by craft stores. For interesting ideas and inspirations, just log on the internet or look out it the near by library or book store to search for books that are filled in with pictures and ideas to make interesting column candles for all occasions. On the online sources many a times you might also come across the gorgeous pictures of column candles along with the step by step instruction manual to make them yourself.

Column candles are almost similar to the taper candles, except that they are wider & usually shorter. Column candles are not pointed at the top like the taper ones. Instead, the column candles resemble the top of volcano.

These are a very pretty & distinct form of art. They are classic and have a timeless look. Unlike the other close alternates, column candles have a ridge design, not smooth one.

    The advantages of column candles are as follows:

    • They can bum for hours together, making your investment and time all the worth. On an average, a column candle burns for around 35 hours.
    • A column candles does not produce any smoke.
    • Column candles never drip.
    • Some candle users find it very frustrating to look for holders to place the column candles. Well, these can well fit in all the standard spiked base holders and tea light holders.

An important point to be understood in that column candles are essentially made of high quality paraffin wax. Though candles made in bees' wax look great, it is not at all a good option for the column candles as bees' wax would not be able to hole up the structure of column candle. Column candle made of bees' wax at high temperature would ooze out all over, there by creating a mess and an ugly looking candle.

In order to make column candles you would require the following basic supplies:

  • High quality paraffin wax
  • Molds
  • Wick
  • Colors that is dyes
  • Fragrance-this is optional yet using these would real charm to your creations.

  • Melt the wax in a double boiler.
  • Using a non-stick cooking spray or the special spray, coat the mold form inside so as to ensure a perfect design of the column candle.
  • Dip the wick in the melted wax. Make sure to keep it long enough that required.
  • Now insert this wick at the wick holder provided at the bottom of the mold. Tie the loose end of the wick to a pencil lying across the top of your mold. This would securely hold the wick in the mid of the mold.
  • Add any color or fragrance to the melted wax if you wish to.
  • Mix them well.
  • Now pour hot wax in the molds, else if it cools down, the candle would have some ugly lumps.
  • Leave the thing for cooling down.
  • Now remove the finished candle from the mold and snip the excess wick. The ideal length is around 1/4 inches of the top of your candle.
And your column candles are ready to light!!

Some interesting innovations in the column candles are as follows:
  • To make you candle rather unique and different try adding pressed flowers and leaves.  Add a thin layer of decoupage medium at the back of the decorative you want to use and press it on the candle. Hold the same in place until a few seconds.
  • Try  making ice crystal column candles. Just put some crushed ice in to the mold prior to adding hot wax.

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