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Saturday, February 14, 2015

I only wanted to be a Millionaire $

He Is A Nice Friend Of Mine

Not far away, Mino was watching Martin & Parmis from behind a tall maple; Martin was mourning, and Parmis was trembling in the bitter chill.

Mino's heart was melted by Martin's tears, the little girl glanced at the magazine cover, "Genius or Monster?", she felt her mind was numbed, 'Gee, this couldn't be happening? I didn't want this?'

No, Mino couldn't bear hearing this words about Martin, he was a nice boy, and a good friend of hers. Mino never meant to annoy him.

She felt a big knot in the throat, her eyelids were hot, she couldn't stand there anymore, so she began running.

The door had stayed open, Mino jumped quickly in, her footsteps' sound broke the dead silence, and throwing the magazine on a round table interrupted the library daydream. 

Mino wanted to sit on a chair, the library yawned, 'I'm sorry, Mino. We don't have even one book for the evil kids as you!'

Frowning, she pulled up a chair, the library repeated, 'I said we didn't have any books for you!' A bitter smile appeared on her face; without any attention to him, Mino sat, and put her head on the table; she started crying in a loud voice, the books stood back.

The table was washed with the tears flowed freely on the cheeks for a while, now the library and the books felt sorry for the nimble girl; all at once she felt a warm hand touched her hair, and heard a familiar voice, 'What's the matter, Mino?'

Mino raised her head, and gazed at those tender eyes; Miss Dana smiled,and settled down on the adjacent seat, and her look gazed at her pupil's face, as if she was ready to hear her words.

Mino sobbed in a broken voice, 'that's-- my fault--,Miss--Dana!' the teacher began stroking Mino's small hands, 'What? what's your fault, Mino?'

The magazine slipped off the table, and landed on the floor; the teacher picked it up, stared at its cover, 'Martin and,' she lifted her head, and asked Mino, 'and who is this cute girl?'

Mino kept crying while pointing at the image, 'It's may fault, Miss Dana.'
The teacher raised one her eyebrow, her expression showed she was quite confused, she pulled out a tissue from the box on the table, and handed it to the child.

After wiping her tears, the little girl let out a bitter sigh, and said, 'I took those photos, and I sold all of them to the magazine, 'she cried, 'I never thought they would write those dreadful lies about Martin; I never thought, Miss.  I only wanted to earn a lot of money to pay my bills, just for my bills, and not to offend Martin.'

Mino kept weeping, Miss wiped her tears, 'Then you sold your friend?'
The child nodded, 'But I didn't mean to hurt him, I only needed some money.'
---, 'And did you earn?'
Mino nodded sadly.

The silence fell for a while, then Miss Dana said, 'Sometimes we don't mean to hurt others, but we do this mistake; if we put ourselves on other's people place, and think about the bitter ending of the story, maybe we don't behave in this way. Anyway, occasionally it happens, we hurt others' feelings, and next we're shaking with fear; why not? missing a friend is really dreadful and painful, it's too terrible; I understand you.'

Mino brought a bitter smile on her face, 'yeah, I'm afraid of missing my friends, I'm afraid someone knows my secret, and my friends leave me , I can't bear missing them, and I don't know what I should do.'

The teacher embraced her student, and said, 'Oh, Dear Mino. I don't know what you should do, but I know you are so bright that you can find a good solution. only utilize your brain, I'm sure you can find reply!'

A wry smile shone on Mino's face, 'That's right, Thank you, Miss Dana.'
Rising from the chair, Miss Dana said with a secretive smile, 'And don't worry about your secret, I never speak with someone about it.'

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