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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Let's go to the Island on the holidays!

Herr Thomson put the fresh flowers into the vase, Sabine sat beside her mom's bed, and stroked her hands kindly, the love was in the mom's eyes . Julius was standing across the room, his ball leaned against the wall alone. he was stared at his mother, there was no sorrow in his heart sky, Renate entered the room furiously while carrying a newspaper , she showed the paper to her father, 'Have you read Today's paper?'

The father responded with surprise, 'Not yet.'
Then got it, and started reading.
Renate, 'I should give a good lesson to little Martin?'
Julius asked, 'What has Martin done?'

Sabine's eyes grew big, 'Is Mr. Martin here?'
The mother raised one eyebrow , 'Martin?--- who saved my life?'
Renate, 'yes, but not alone, I managed the company, and also I read a lot of books and articles about brain, and memory.'

Julius grinned, 'yes, When Martin was working from morning to night, you were at cafe drinking Nescafe with your friends , and listening to music.'
Renate got red , and raised her voice, 'Please, you say nothing! I were better than you, you were juggling a football all the times.'

Herr Thomson said softly, 'Enough, Enough, you shouldn't talk about Martin in this way, Renate . Martin never knew our family, and also didn't have any plan about study on diseases, he had made this app for fun; I went towards him, and asked him to help us, he wouldn't like to be you there, he'd rather work with a professional team instead of working with you, haven't you forgotten. he even left Sabine in the zoo?'
Mom raised one of her eyebrow, 'did he miss Sabine?'
While Sabine showed the newspaper to her mom, 'See, Martin and I. he didn't lost me, I got lost by myself'

She looked up at the ceiling to recall the day that she got lost in the zoo.

​Let me tell the lost child story:​

As usual Sabine was standing at the window with Martin's smartphone, and looking out .
Renate entered happily, ran to Sabine, and asked ,'Are you fed up, Sabine?

Sabine nodded .
 Renate , 'Do you want to go to the zoo?'
Sabine, ' yeah.'

Renate moved her hand toward her, 'then let's go to the zoo'

Sabine looked at Martin, and said, 'I couldn't leave my boss, I'm his assistant. I should be here,besides I had to order for lunch.'

Renate raced to Martin, shut down his laptop, Martin objected, 'What did you do?'
Renate, 'We want to go out.'
Martin shrugged his shoulders,'You can go, it's none of my bushiness.'

Renate yelled, 'Sabine has believed your words, she thought she was changing the world, so she doesn't like to leave her work even one second , therefore you had to come with us.'

Martin rose form his seat, and looked Sabine in the eye, 'I'm disappointed with you, Sab, '
Sabine blushed, 'I'm sorry, boss.'

Julius couldn't leave his practice, so Martin, Sabine and Renate went to the front door, Renate pointed a Mercedes Benz, 'Get into my auto.'
Sabine's eyes widened large, 'have you bought a car?'
Renate shook her head, 'No, its belongs to my Nescafe; now Jump in.'

Martin turned around, and stepped into the house. Renate yelled, 'Stop, Martin! I said we're going out.'

Martin kept walking, 'I Am too Young to die, I like my life.'
Sabine ran after him.

Renate was standing alone and angry, her look shifted from the cool auto to kids who were going inside.

She brought a bitter smile on her face, said in a low voice, 'Please, Listen to me, Martin! you shouldn't judge me; yes, I don't have a driving license, so what? I've driven since 5, you don't have a M.S. degree too, but you've made a wonderful app, so be fair!'

Martin said, 'I'd rather die than be in your auto, we can ride our bikes.'
Renate couldn't bear hearing Martin's insults anymore ,'Come on, Jumped into the car!'

Martin got cold feet, so obeyed her order, and sat into the car promptly, Sabine did the same,and proudly Renate drove to the zoo.

In loin Gate, they bought the tickets, and entered the zoo. The zoo wasn't so busy that day, Sabine enjoyed yourself, she was singing with birds, dancing with monkeys, jumping up and down with rabbits, handed her chocolate to a cute squirrel, and taking a photo with the giraffe, until they reached the bears house; she recalled her mom loved the brown bears, she began to talk with the bears, and enlarge on mom's crash.
All at once, Renate saw a few friends of her, she told Martin, 'Look after, Sabine! I'll back soon!'
Martin knitted his brows, and glanced at his watch, he could write some new codes instead of wasting the time.
Anyway, Sabine was talking to bears with calmness,  she said that her mom has had a terrible accident not longer ago, and then she's gone to a deep sleep just as the Sleeping beauty.

Sabine was weeping, because her mom and her smartphone had been silent up to now, she believed the world is dark and dismal, and she hoped Martin could change it.

Renate was occupied with her friends, they were walking towards the restaurant, when Sabine's chat with the bears finished. Now she was very hungry, 'I'm hungry, Marin.'

But she heard of Martin nothing, Sabine turned around and she didn't see Marin, looked around but Renate and her friends were vanished.  Sabine feared, her heart pounded, she sat on the ground, and burst into tears, a woman came up to her, 'do you get lost, little girl?'

Sabine nodded quietly, and recalled her mom's sayings that said don't talk to strangers. So she touched the smartphone to call her daddy. Her daddy came to the zoo swiftly, and took Sabine to the Feech company.

 Marin was sitting alone with his laptop, trying a new code, when Herr Thomson entered, he asked, 'How could you do this with us? how could leave my little girl in the zoo, and came back here?

 Little Sabine's look was fixed on him, Martin blushed, 'I'm sorry, Sabine . I thought Renate was there, I was tired up, so I got on the bus, and returned to work on my app. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.'
Herr Thomson shook his head sadly, and left company with Sabine and Julius.

At that night , Martin's father talked with Martin about Sabine, her mom and that terrible accident, he said to Martin," you should look after Sabine, and make sense her painful. She's alone and depressed, her mother have been in the hospital for months. Don't forget  happiness of this family depends on your app, so take its serious, and be kind towards Sabine. Imagine her as your younger sister.'

* * *

The mom knitted her brows, when she understood Renate had left her younger sister in the zoo, and said, 'I would like to see Martin, I guess he's a good boy.'
Julius nodded, "yes, he is."

Renate bit her lip, and pulled out her cup of her purse. Herr Thomson said, 'Why don't we go to the island on the holidays, we can speak to the reports in order to end this fuss, as well as to thank Martin.

Sabine jumped around for joy, 'Hooray, I can see my friends again.'
Renate smirked, 'I can teach a lesson to Martin, too.

All the Best

Opened on August 1, 1844, the Zoologischer Garten Berlin was the first zoo in Germany. The aquarium opened in 1913. The first animals were donated by Frederick William IV, King of Prussia, from the menagerie and pheasantry of the Tiergarten.



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