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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

He Went Forever

Suddenly the airplane disappeared , but its sound still was heard. after a while something landed on the roof; now Gloria and her mother looked at each other with worry.
 "It must be Sergey. Hooray! I go to pack my suitcase." Rocky said while he was running towards his room.

Gloria's eyes grew big in surprise, " Plane?" then she heard Sergey's shout, " Pack your luggage, we're going abroad. "

Five minutes later, Gloria  and Rocky were sitting on the plane, and Pilot Sergey was ready to take off. Gloria was astonished, " Is it that true that we're going abroad, Sergey?"
Sergey responded by smiling.
Gloria, " Why?"
Sergey laughed, " I mean to know you better, darling."
Gloria raised one eyebrow in surprise, and looked at him , " After one year,  I felt we knew each other well!"
Sergey narrowed his eyes at her, and mumbled, " Hmm, yet I've not found out what your favorite color is!"

Gloria replied, laughing, "Rainbow."
Sergey, " Oh, you don't have any special colors?!"
Gloria nodded,  "Yeah, I love all the colors."
Sergey, " Okay, and what about your favorite food?"
Rocky smirked, " Couldn't you ask these foolish questions at home? "
Sergey sulked at him, " In fact, I'd like to be alone with Gloria for a few days, we are engagement at present."

Suddenly Rocky's face got redder than tomato, then he looked Sergey in the eye and said, "
all You think about me is wrong, Mr. Glass... I'm not a nosy, In Fact, I'm So Busy, because Mr. Stone needs me. I don't like to travel at all, but I'll come to yours all the same. Do you object?"

The pilot shook his head, sighed deeply, and stared unhappily out of the window; however, he had to endure Rocky, because he was Gloria's brother.

Some minutes passed, everything looked great; Sergey was flying the aircraft through clouds; and Rocky was reading magazines along with Gloria. They were still in Mountain View sky when the air traffic control connected the the plane, and asked to speak with Rocky.

Sergey called Rocky, and asked, " Do you know flight controller? "
While Rocky came towards him, responded, " Jack? yes, sometimes I look in him. As Gloria's brother I should know all of your friends."
"Spy", Sergey said, then he pressed the lips together, and forced himself not to say anything else.

Rocky, " Hi, Jack-- what's up?"
Jack, " Keep your cool, Rocky. Fido died; Mr. Messy called me two minutes ago, he ...."

Rocky was too sad to listen to Jack; he put his head in his hands, and closed the eyes, all he could see was bloody, and the tears flowed freely on his cheeks. Sergey was puzzled, and Gloria was anxious about him, " Rocky, what's happened?"

Rocky moaned, " Fido, cute Fido went forever... Gloria, what on earth can I do? Mr. Stone hasn't known yet."
Gloria explained about Fido to Sergey, " Fido was Mr. Stone's dog. Rocky always looked after it."

They kept silent for twenty minutes while they were weeping bitterly, after that Rocky wiped his tears quickly, and said, " We have to turn back immediately."

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