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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Keep out of Glory's way

Sergey called Rocky, and asked, " Have you met flight controller before? "

While Rocky came towards him, responded, " Jack? yes, sometimes I look in on him on my way to the gym. Do not you think I must know your friends as Gloria's brother."

"Spy", Sergey murmured, then he pressed his lips together, and forced himself not to say anything else.

Rocky, " Hi, Jack-- what's up?"
Jack, " Hi, Calm down, Rocky. here is a bad news for you-- Fido is dead-- Mr. Messy called me two minutes ago, and said--."

Rocky was too shocked to listen to Jack; all he could see was blood-red, " Fido VII, Fido VII! Don't Leave me alone,"  Rocky screamed so terribly that the aircraft was shaking, Sergey seemed frightened, Gloria was marching around Rocky nervously, and repeating, " Dear little brother, are you OK? " till Rocky shouted at her, "Get off, Glory! I feel dizzy."

Gloria frowned. Rocky sat down, and put his head in his hands, then he closed his eyes, and cried loudly. For a while Sergey's puzzled look was shifting from the brother to sister, until he got tired, and asked, " Please, tell me what's happened?"

Rocky moaned, " Fido, cute Fido went forever, and Mr. Stone hasn't known about yet ... Gloria, what on earth can I do? "

Gloria let out a bitter sigh, "Oh my heavens! again?"

Rocky nodded his head, sadly, " That's right, Mr. Messy killed Fido again."

Now Sergey's surprise was even more, he waited for Gloria's explications ; she brought a bitter smile on his face, showed a photo to Sergey, and said, " It's Fido, Mr. Stone's dog." she burst into tears, and Sergey was green with envy.

Gloria continued, " Poor, Fido. he was so lovely, Mr. Stone adored him, now he's gone -- he was run over by a car  when he was playing outside his house."

Rocky cried, " It was my fault, I should not leave him there."
Gloria, " No, Dear little brother, it wasn't your fault --- that mad man killed him, " then she turned to Sergey, weeping " Mr. Messy is Mr. Stone's neighbor, he enjoys driving fast ---  he's ran over the seven Fidos till now."

Sergey sighed deeply, " Seven dogs! That's awful!"
A twenty-minute silence was held as a mark of respect, then Rocky got up , and while he was wiping his tears, he shouted, " We get back."

" Right away?" asked Sergey, and Rocky admitted it.

 The pilot's face turned red as if he had felt like hitting Rocky. He said, smirking, " You must be kidding?!"  

Rocky shook his head, " No kidding! I must go and bury Fido in the garden."
Sergey, " Don't be silly! We Can't cancel our journey just for your puppy, Mr. Stone will bury him."

Rocky cried, " Mr. Stone? Are you joking? if he knows about Fido's death he'll kill himself , he adores his dog."

Sergey, " Okay, you can get back and bury Fido. It's easy, Only Jump!"
Rocky's eyes grew large, and looked at Gloria, " Oh, I see, then I should jump from the plane, shouldn't I?"

Gloria was completely confused, she stared at Sergey, Sergey grinned, " Don't worry, darling. I'm certain that he'll enjoy parachuting."

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