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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Sweet Victory

This round is more exciting; the road is too narrow and sweet, it is covered in cotton candies; the robots run after one another rapidly; Uncle Sergey is standing on his feet, and encouraging Parmis, " Faster, Faster! ",  Parmis doesn't hear any sounds, she only focuses on the path and Haft-seen, it is not only following the others at a high speed, but also it is scanning around carefully until it finds a lovely cat, and rescues it.

Parmis's heart is racing faster and faster, Now all the viewers are standing up, gaze at the track,  Apple pie reach a hill, Haft-Seen comes up it, Parmis's chance becomes better, Apple pie turns pale.
All the robots are climbing over the biscuits and cookies; although it has trouble going up the steep, a cute puppy turns up here; the competitors are close to the finish line, Parmis shuts her eyes in fright ,and her friends begins chanting.

Lastly the robots arrive at the witch cottage, Haft-Seen is in luck, all at once Apple pie overturns, and Haft-Seen overtakes it easily, then it enters the ruined house, and rescues a hedgehog.

Armis, Mino, Tina and Martin scream with laughter, " Winner Winner Chicken Dinner." it is quite obvious who is winner, who saved  seven survivors, and got into the cottage sooner: Haft-Seen. Uncle Sergey jumps up and down from joy.

Parmis stands on platform, the viewers cheer her and the lovely robot, the candles go on, and also the music goes on, Parmis says , "I must thank three people, my mom, my mentor, and my encourager Uncle Larry, they helped me  achieve this reward. "

Uncle Larry laughs, "Of course, the prize will be awarded in the summer, because the winner should attend her school, and study hard to build a better and stronger robot for the next competition."

Uncle Sergey holds up Haft-Seen, the children make a circle around him, then they all run around the wood in the rain of confetti, while the crowds sing the victory song all together.

Parmis wonders, "The clock is running, Make the most of today! yeah, I must devise a solution to the quarrel.", she says in a clearly voice, " Thank You for this scholastic and amusing contest, but my friends have a request, they are so curious to know the invention story of my robot." She turns to the mother, a tender look in her eyes melts the mother's heart, a merry smile emerges on the mom's face, " Why not?  I'll write it." Uncle Larry claps, " That's great!"

Parmis laughs, " Thank you so much." and the children jump about, Uncle Larry sings a pretty song, and the professional skaters perform skating beautifully. Rocky invites all the friends to their family coffee shop in the glassy tower, Mino says," Sure, we'll come there-- soon, in this summer."

Finally, after an adventurous day, everyone comes back their home, American travelers together, and Island travelers also together.

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