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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Tradition Firm

The staff thanked, and set off for their houses, Sergey looked puzzled; when all the staff went away, Larry pulled out the M Seal  from his pocket, and swiftly locked the door.

Sergey's eyes widened large, he wondered, " What's really on his mind?" Larry smiled, and looked at the Assistant, and stood back. His assistant jumped forward, he began to tape around the building with yellow tape police.

Now Sergey's amazement was even more. Mr. Assistant rubbed hands together gladly, he took a step back, and admired his brilliant work.

Sergey looked confused, he was standing opposite the Glass lab, and staring at the tapes without any questions. Larry let out a bitter sigh, he was worried about his friend, but Mr. Assistant drew him to one side, " we'd better leave him alone, Larry. "

Larry nodded his head, he planed to come back to his office, but Sergey's laughs made him stop.

" Crime Scene! You made a fool of me, didn't you?" Sergey said, as he turned to Larry, laughing.

Larry looked down at the ground, and said in a calm voice, " Glass... well, Glass-"

The Assistant interrupted him , " Glass went forever, it was predictable, I had told you this before, " the man sighed deeply, and added, " Oh, Glass was a big Mistake, everyone knew it--" 

" Enough, Enough, Guy!" Larry shouted, and checked Sergey's expression,
Sergey seemed cool as if he had not believed the Assistant's words, Larry cleared the throat, smiled at Sergey, " Don't mind him! He thinks childlike.  You is familiar with Google's tradition, we always release the Beta version of our products to find errors, and after we present the completed product," again he checked Sergey's expression, he still looked calm.

Larry took a deep breath, and continued, " And our digital eye-wear was not different, today was its expiration date, so we decided to cancel the Glass Explorer program, and move it to Google product division."

Sergey shouted, " No, You can't shut down Glass- I don't let you!"

Larry said firmly," But it's our tradition, You shouldn't break it."

Sergey cried, " And what about Gloria? She can't stand it-- and Rocky, he'll kill me surly."

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