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Sunday, May 17, 2015

This is her Favorite Project

Sergey shouted at him , " No, You can't shut down Glass. In fact, I don't allow you. "

Larry said firmly, " Sergey, Think about Google, it's our tradition, and You can't break it."

Sergey narrowed his eyes at Larry, and yelled furiously, " Do you ask me to think about Google? and who think about Gloria? Have you ever thought about her? "

Larry felt embarrassed, he saw a deep sadness in his best friend's eyes; Sergey  had worn Glass in public for over two years, and now Larry was killing Glass easily. Larry could find out Sergey's sorrow, but he forced himself to be calm; during these years Larry had been working on lots of projects, so he was experienced enough to predict the future of a program, and in his view Closing Glass was a good decision, it would happen sooner or later.

Larry put his hand on Sergey's shoulder, and said, " Yes, I'm always worried about our friends and staff, but she is your fiancee at present, she probably respects your decisions."

Sergey shook his head, " No, she can't stand this, she loves Glass. Please, make an exception just this once."

Larry shook his head, " Sorry! Sorry! NO Exception, You aren't an exception."

Sergey cried, " How can I tell her? it will drive her mad, and she may kill herself -- Oh, and Rocky--- he will kill me surly-- No, No, I say nothing to her."

Mr. Assistant smirked, Larry knitted his brows, and shouted at him, " Be brave, Sergey. Eric intends to announce this new tomorrow so you'd better tell her right away."

Sergey had an indecision expression on his face , what should he do?

Mr. Assistant said, grinning, " Go abroad. "

A sparkle appeared in Sergey's eye, he nodded his head happily, " Great! finally you had a bright idea, boy."

Mr. Assistant felt proud, " My ideas are always the best, Larry is lucky to have a smart assistant like me."

Larry smirked at him, " Of course--- well,Our work is finished, guy. We'd better leave here, Gloria comes soon, and Sergey should talk to her." the assistant admitted his saying , next the two men left Sergey alone.

At once he called his fiancee, and said, " Surprise! Surprise! Work is off, Go home, I'm coming there."


It was noon, when Sergey exited the Google. He drove along the highway fast, while he's thinking of his plan: travel around the world.  At last he arrived at their private airfield, the pilot took the airplane, and flew away.

Gloria and her mom are fighting over the television remote, as they noticed a plane fly around the house, the mother said, " Sergey is late, Call him, Glory."

Gloria grinned, " No, he is not, Don't try to trick on me, Mommy, I can't release the TV remote. " Rocky run towards the window, and saw Sergey in the plane.

Sergey was waving and shouting , "Glory, Glory." But Gloria and the mom were fighting over the TV channel at the moment.

Suddenly the airplane disappeared , but its sound still was heard. after a while something landed on the roof; now Gloria and her mother looked at each other with worry.
 "It must be Sergey. Hooray! I go to pack my suitcase." Rocky said while he was running towards his room.

Gloria's eyes grew big in surprise, " Plane?" then she heard Sergey's shout, " Pack your luggage, we're going abroad. "

Five minutes later, Gloria  and Rocky were in the airplane, and Pilot Sergey was ready to take off the roof.

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