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Sunday, May 10, 2015

What is really on his mind?

Parmis is at school, her mom is sitting alone at coffee shop, and is editing her last writing; it is the story of Parmis's robot:

The Story began since Glass transported from Google X to Google building,

Gloria and Sergey have just celebrated their engagement; Mr. Schmidt, going past the Glass, he noticed Sergey sitting at his desk, and staring at Gloria;  Mr. Schmidt sulked, and left there rapidly.

He thought about that problem for a few days, and then he decided to speak with Larry; he picked up a lead seal, and entered Larry's office; Larry was working on a new project with Mr. Assistant as Mr. Schmidt arrived, Eric put the seal on Larry's desk, and stood back.

Larry and Mr. Assistant was completely astonished, they both stared at Eric for a while, then Larry asked, " What's that?"

Mr. Assistant looked at the lead seal carefully, and said, " It's a seal , Larry."
Larry looked him in the eye, " Don't pull my leg, Guy!"

Mr. Schmidt, " It's for Glass; Go and seal there forever, then find a new Manager for it. "

Larry, " Why?"

Mr. Schmidt, " Because of Sergey, he's not working at all, Only he's watching Gloria, we should save Glass, Larry."

Larry stared at the space for a while, then he said, " I can't.  Sergey is so sensitive, I can't offend him. "

Mr. Schmidt, " However, we should transport Glass sooner or later, then why we don't it right away? Don't worry, Sergey is strong enough, he will accept finally."

Larry wondered what Eric said was right, they had to transport Glass to Google such as other products, so he rose from the seat, and went to Glass with his assistant.

They stood out of the building, and checked inside; Sergey was sitting at the window, and gazing at his engagement ring anxiously, Gloria wasn't at the office, Larry smiled sadly, and thought it was a proper time to lock, he signaled to his assistant.

Mr. Assistant ran into the Glass, and shouts, " Fire, Fire."
All at once the staff jumped out, and left the building quickly, Sergey was still sitting at his spot as if he hadn't heard anything, Mr. Assistant came up him, and shouted loudly, " Fire, Fire."
Sergey winced, " Where is Gloria?"
Mr. Assistant, " She's not here, but you are in danger. Let's go out. "
Sergey and Mr. Assistant ran towards the door; Larry was speaking with the Glass staff, " The work is off, have fun."

The staff thanked, and set off to their houses, Sergey looked puzzled; when all the staff went away, Larry pulled the lead seal out of his pocket, and swiftly sealed the Glass door.

Sergey's eyes widened large, he wondered, " What's really on Larry's mind?"

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