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Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Eyebrows were Raised

The Glass Lab

By the next morning, All eyebrows were raised to see yellow tape police around the building. The staff's look froze on the lab over one hour until they turned into snowmen.

It was snowing, as Sergey arrived. At first he was puzzled to see the Glass employees, then he took a deep breath, and shouted , " Can you all gathered round? I want to talk about Glass..."

Online Magazine

Rocky was reclining on the sofa, and watching the driving race on TV, he lifted his head, and ordered firmly, " Number 1025. "

Finding a magazine among thousands magazines was really difficult for the nurse, though she had a Google Glass.

She handed him the glossy magazine. Rocky took a glance at its cover, then he handed it back to her, " Please, 700. "

A wrinkle formed between her eyes, she grumbled, " That's silly! Thousands magazines are here, why don't you try reading online magazines?"

Rocky, " Mr. Stone is brighter on a glossy magazine. 700."

Gloria, " I don't think so ... anyway, I'm tired ... all the morning I've been looking for the magazines that you never read them, so it's not better you have all of them at once? "

Rocky frowned, " No, it's not. I'm used to pick them up one by one. Don't be lazy!"

Gloria let out a bitter sigh, and moved towards the bookcase unhappily. Rocky turned his attention to Fido barking at the auto on TV, he said grinning, " Gloria! Fido looks fed up, and so do I. Let's go outside. "

Gloria's eyebrows were raised in surprise, she gazed at the plaster bandage on his leg, and asked , "Are you joking? you should not walk at all - besides, ground is slippery because of snow. It's too dangerous to go out."

Rocky got up with a jump, " Not for two athletes, Fido and I need fresh air. "

Ten minutes later, They all were in front of Mr. Stone's house gate. Gloria placed a box of soda and a deckchair on snow, then she helped Rocky sit, the brother thanked and reclined on the deckchair.

Mr. Messy was backing up out the garage as Rocky waved at him, Mr. Messy smiled, and hit the hedge, then he got off the car, and came towards them, grinning. " He's wonderful! Take care of him, because I'm going to practice now."  he said and  went away.

The auto gathered speed, and raced down in the street at a great rate. Rocky, drinking soda, he tried to throw a golf ball into the white bushes, but the ball jumped over the hedge, and went under Mr. Messy's car, the ball was squashed, the driver kept on driving indifferently.

Fido ran to fetch the ball, Gloria let out a terrible shriek, and she raced to save him.

Rocky threw another golf ball to Fido. Again the ball was ran over by the auto, and Fido ran towards the car eagerly, and poor Gloria ran after him angrily.

Over and over the story went in this way, Gloria tired not to lose patience with her sad brother; although the poor boy was shaking in that cold weather, he drank soda, and threw a golf ball for the little Fido, the puppy enjoyed playing and jumping into the snowy road, however, poor Gloria was gasping.

At least, Rocky said, " Gloria! We run out of golf ball ... Where is Sergey's golf bag?"

Gloria, " At the Glass."

Rocky, " Fetch it, Don't forget to buy some hamburgers and some sodas on the way. I take Fido inside."

A sparkle appeared in her eye, " OK, Take care of you. I'll return soon."

Glass Lab

There was one or two in the path when Gloria came to the Glass building, she headed for the door, and puzzled to see the yellow tapes. Two people were still standing next to the door, and talking together. Gloria pushed them aside, and looked inside through the glassy door, next she murmured, " Oh my heavens, what's happened? why is lab closed? Where is Sergey? Is he OK?"

Her mind was numbed for a while, the two men smirked at her, " Ma'am, the lab is closed forever." Gloria wondered they intended to make a fool of her, so she grinned, " Where is the staff? "

They shrugged indifferently, and walked away. Gloria scanned around, but she didn't find Sergey or any Glass employees  there, therefore she ran towards Larry's office.

Larry, Sergey and Mr. Assistant were speaking about Glass when Gloria stepped in.

Gloria, " The Glass lab is closed!"
Sergey looked down at the floor, and said nothing. Gloria's look turned to Larry, he said, mumbling , " See, we had to shut down there ...  we recognized it needed to redesign ...  Calm down, it's still alive, only we transported it to Google--"

Gloria's shriek interrupted his word, " Gee .... How could you do such a crime? Glass was still a baby, she needed better attention ... You recognized, Larry? it isn't fairly, and Sergey! You should be embarrassed, I'm the last person who hears this, Why? Why? " she burst into cry.

Sergey rose, and put his hand on her back, " Calm down, everything will be OK, Glory."

Gloria shouted at him, " How?"

Larry, " By the way, People didn't love Glass, it--."

Gloria, " But it has future ... I made a group for it, and --," she cried louder.
Sergey, " Please, Don't cry ,Glory! you can still work on Glass."

Gloria, " No, I won't work anymore. It's over for me. " and kept weeping, then asked, " what about the Glasses?

Sergey, " It's supposed to sell in these days, and next its sale will closed forever."

Gloria stared into space for a while, Sergey was worried about her , suddenly a bitter smile emerged on her face, she looked at the men, shook her head sadly, and left there hastily.

Sergey ran after her, but Gloria shouted at him, " Leave me alone, please." Sergey begged, " Sorry! Please, Don't leave me alone ... It wasn't my fault. Believe me, Glory! " but Gloria went pass him by saying nothing.

Gloria marched around the Glass lab for hours, Sergey was standing in distance and watching her with sorry. In the end, Gloria walked away, it looked as if she had made a new decision for her life.

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